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2/25/08 4:47:36PM
Things I am hoping for on this game...

Create a Ultimate Fighter
-Like every other sports games, pick a name and announcers will call you that
- Choose from about 100 or just make your own
- Choose what weight class you fight in, then choose weight that you normally are. Ex. Pick Light-heavyweight (205) but walk around at 215, lose 10 pounds during training to make weight for your next event
-Choose how tall you are. I believe the taller you are the easier it is to take you down.
- (Sherk build, Liddell build, Houston Alexander build, Sylvia build, etc)
-Where your born and where you are fighting out of now.
- Pick 3 strengths that your fighter has. Choose from out of 100 or make your own.
- I liked what NHL 06 did, completely change his face instead of choosing from 20 different ones.
- What kind of shorts , long/baggy, tight, etc
- choose from 20 different voices
- Choose from tons of different styles. Every Standup style to every ground style(No streetfight though, bad for the sport)

This next thing is from Fight Night
Punch 0/100 - How hard you can punch (Hooks, jabs, uppercuts,etc)
Kicks 0/100 - How hard you can kick (Knees, legkicks, body kicks, head kickcs, etc)
Speed 0/100 - How fast you can move (how quick your strikes are, how fast you can takedown you opponent, etc)
Takedowns/Wrestling - 0/100 - How easily you can take down your opponent or defend at takedown (How brutal you slams are, how easy you can double leg take down somone, etc)
Submissions 0/100 - How easily you can put or defend a submission. (How quick and easily you can put someone in a submission from any position, etc)
Chin 0/100 - How easy it is to get KO-ed
Stamina/Cardio - How easily you can get tired or recover from throwing fleury's of strinks or trying to hold down a submission or even a takedown, etc

Career Mode
After you create you fighter you are put on the reality TV show, The Ultimate Fighter. You are the underdog on the show. You need to train extremely hard to win and prove to everyone you belong in the UFC. There will be 2 coaches and 2 teams. What every weight class your created fighter is in the coaches will also be in that weight class. (Ex. You are in Welterweight, coaches are Karo and GSP) You get picked on one of the coaches teams after they put you through small but hard training sessions. Starts off with striking , they will put you and someone else in the cage with headgear, shin gear, and boxing gloves. Next will be Grappling, they will go through takedowns and submissions, and last but not least will be the cardio, you run on a treadmill, lift weights, etc. (Think of this as the tutorial for the game, they go over the controls with you)
I think what they should do is let you free-roam in the gym, go to any excercise that you want. (Ex. Like i said before think as the begining part as you tutorial, so u walk over to the treadmill and you run till you get tired then you get off and rest. they will give you points for running under you created fighters stamina/cardio. and your sparing and punching the bags would be punch and kicks and grappling training goes under you takedowns and submissions.

If you win all of you fights on the show you go to the Ultimate Finale and fight your opponent. If you win you are the Ultimate Fighter. You get your money from the TUF show and the finale and buy a gym or train in someone elses gym.

Don't think that all I wanted on Career mode is TUF. You fight once ever 3 months. Based on how you fight in each fight your title shot gets closer and closer. (Ex. if you are on a 4 fight win streak and they were all dominating perfomances and then your 5th fight was just brutal, just thowing jabs and odd leg kicks, you might need to fight like say 2 to 3 more times to get the title shot. Then when the title shot comes you fight the champion, 5 5 minute rounds, so your cardio better be to the max! If you win, you are crowned champion and make more money than ever before. Get all the fame, be in movies the whole deal. But you need time to train to defend the belt, once you lose the belt you start from stratch and work even harder.


Have all the big name fighters with something like a finisher...
EX. Quinton Jackson, its close to the end of the fight and you are dominating, there should be a button that activates fleury's of punches if your not to tired. So cool camera angles come on and Jackson is just going nuts at the end of the fight, and if your health is too low, then he has a big chance of Knocking you out, he corners you at the corner of the cage and he starts throwing bombs dazing you, when you think its over he picks you up and slams you(which would be the finishing move) the result is a KO/TKO or maybe you okay to let it slip to a decision.
So if it was Anderson Silva he would throw great strikes then he would put you in a clinch throwing knee's that could ko you.
Liddell - cornering you throwing huge hooks (like he did vs Ortiz 1)and then he throws one huge one that catches you.

Just based off of their style.
And one more thing, when your opponent throws a bomb and it catches you i want the screen to shake and start going dark or something,
and hoping for a button that allows you to tapout if you in the middle of a submission and you dont want ur bone to break or if jardine is giving you deadly leg kicks and is shows that ur leg is about to get injured you can tapout instead of losing a certain amount of time to train for next fight. and button to put people in clinches.

Hope you guys read all of it and liked it, what would you guys change or want
2/25/08 4:55:59PM
Create a fighter and career mode are the #1 things im hoping for in this game.

a finisher move wouldnt be a bad idea either, although i think it should be done like it is in Fight night where they still give the other guy a chance to defend, just not attack while its going down.
If the makers of the game watched HL's done by the fans an incorporated some of the most impressive finishes a fighter has used in real life, the finishers would be alot better than if they freeballed it.
2/25/08 8:24:10PM
Career and gameplay and graphics are the most important things, this game needs to have in order for it to be da shit!

My biggest fear is it will be crap, so much hype over this game, plus look how long since the last UFC was out concerns me.

I just hope it kicks ass, and the online gameplay and features is great. But I worry, anyone remember Madden when it first hit 360???? Can you say worst game EVER!!

And Madden had good games throughout the years....

Will soon see.
2/25/08 8:25:08PM
As long as they have the ability to sue fighters and steroid test, i'll buy it.
2/25/08 9:16:23PM

Posted by Kpro

As long as they have the ability to sue fighters and steroid test, i'll buy it.

That and resign and go to another company to fight there fighters.
2/25/08 10:22:38PM
graphics and player controle are the most important aspects for me ie. rolling out of submissions, takedown defense, throwing power. I just hope it not complete garbage.
2/25/08 10:47:30PM
I hope they have the octagon girls in there..before and in between rounds just like how they show them on ppv...(yes, even when arianny is walking to her seat and blows us a kiss)

I hope they have at least 50 fighters

I hope the rounds are in real time....just like in fight night

I hope there is cuts and bruising..

I hope Mike and Rogan are the commentators..

Creat a fighter,but can only be as good as you training mini games and not just Max out every single strenghts

I want every fighter to move and fight just like in real life.....I want there to be weight to the fighter...momentum..

I want submissions to be a challenge....example...lets say someone is mounted on top of me going for an armbar,as soon as he goes for it a small mini game begins as a random number of button combinations pop up on the screen and you must correctly press all the buttons in order for you to successfully defend the armbar(Ex...A..A..B..X..Y..A...).And the more tired you get the harder the combination of buttons will get...(Ex. A..RT..X...B...B...LB..Ect.)same goes for mounting and any other ground work...


say on xbox360

i would want X and Y to be left and right punches....A and B to be left and right Kicks (while standing/striking)

and if you hold the L trigger your fighter will plant his feet and you can use the L thumbstick to choose whether you want a Low kick(legs) Medium kick(body) High kick(head)....and the same goes with Punches

Holding down the Right Trigger could activate grappling....and a mini game for defending the takedowns also,by rapidly pressing whichever button comes out on the screen

i just hope they make it kind of like Fight Night R3 when it comes down to your (health,conditioning)

I want the blocking system to be like PrideFC game on PS2.....where as long as you are standing still it automatically blocks every single strike...but you are susceptible for a take down.

EDIT....and if Dana White comes out anywhere on this game, Im gonna be pissed....and will just show how much of an attention whore he really is..

2/26/08 9:54:08AM
The most important thing is the gameplay and all the fighters different fighting styles in the game.If they can get that right its gonna be great but after that they need a good career mode.
2/26/08 11:58:02AM
My main concern for this game is how well the mechanics of the ground game will work. I have no doubt they can do an amazing job with the striking, but once the fight goes to the ground, I think it'll be extremely difficult to have a realistic fight. There are so many things to consider on the ground that I don't know how well they can translate this into the game. If they use a button sequence to avoid or attempt submissions, it would pull the player out of the fight and break any momentum the player might have had.

That being said, I still think this game will be absolutely incredible.
2/26/08 2:18:08PM
Once you have your opponent "rocked", it should be a little easier to finish them off. I could list a thousand things I'd like done with this game, but I'll just wait for it to come out then critique it.
2/26/08 2:18:29PM
plain and simple....I want this game easy to pick up and play,but difficult to master..

I hope its complicated as hell to master the controls cuz thats the only way they will make an MMA game as realistic as possible.
2/26/08 2:40:40PM
We still got to think about all the other sports games that have come out for the 360 their first time. I didn't like NHL 07, Graphics were great but didn't like gameplay, NHL 08 is the sweetest sports game out right now... NFL 07 was a bad game, then 08 comes out, and wow... so i think UFC 2009 isn't going to be great but it will be way better than all of the other mma games... UFC 2010 is going to be the best thing ever made no doubt in my mind. THQ said that they have a new hardware system to work on the movement of characters.. more relistic and their using it for this game... can't wait.
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