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6/5/08 2:32:49PM
Something I'd been thinking about since watching EXC and WEC over the weekend, been meaning to give my thoughts on them:
Jimmy Lennon (EXC)-very familiar with this guy from his boxing work, but he tried way too hard to do boxing-style intros for the MMA guys. We really don't need to know how many wins are by KO or submission during the intros, do we? He didn't do bad, but he maybe should stick to boxing.

Joe Martinez (WEC)-should Bruce Buffer ever not be available for UFC, bring this guy in. The more I see him in WEC, the more a fan of him I am, he really tries hard to pump up the fans with his intros and I think he does a great job of it, as evident during 35. Actually, UFC should bring him up anyway. He deserves a shot at it.
6/5/08 3:40:59PM

Also The YAMMA announcer was pretty good, wont be surprised if he takes Bruce Buffers spot in the UFC.

6/5/08 3:41:38PM
Bruce Buffer is slowly growing on me after all these years I still don't like him but he doesn't bother me anymore.

I agree with the WEC announcer. Very likable I say move him up.

As far as the EliteXC dude, I think I wouldn't mind the detailed intros if they didn't take soooo long in other areas. I'm still not over saturday night's event.
6/5/08 5:01:55PM
Well, if the match is interesting i think i don't need more additional 'hype'

The ring announcers are the most irritating part of the fighting sports for me.

I can't say who is the best because i hate'em all, but i guess i can say who i dislike the most. I really hate that old twat from Cage Rage
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