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POLL: is or isn't one of the most over-rated fighters of all time
is 23% (3)
isn't 77% (10)
3/10/07 8:37:07PM
I just wanted to share my opinion on Vitor Belfort and get some feedback. I also want to say that I realize i'm nobody to pass judgement, but I do it for the sake of conversation.

IMO, he could possibly be one of the most over-rated fighters ever. My opinion is the label is between him and Tito, but since the win shows for Tito on their records, I went with Vitor.

IMO, a fighter usually becomes over-rated by fans making an assumption on their talent after seeing one of their fights, regardless of the opposition or circumstances of the outcome. When a fighter is given certain expectations, but can not live up to them. That and the media over-hyping.

I believe Vitor became way over-rated in the early part of his career when he showed his explosive striking skills against less than stellar competition. He started off going 4-0 with the longest fight only lasting barely over a minute. The true beginning of him being over-rated is when he beat Tank. It was the first time Tank had been out striked, and Vitor did it in impressive fashion. Even after his first loss to Couture, he came right back and won his next two fights in the first round, adding to the hype. However, his loss to Couture, in hind sight, could really be looked at as his true self. Since then, anytime he has stepped into the ring or cage with a quality fighter, he has lost. Besides Belfort/Couture2 where he won via cut early in the first round. Similar to the TK/Fedor situation IMO.

I've just always viewed Vitor as an under achiever. It's not his fault though, it's the hype surrounding him. It's actually pretty hard not to over-rate somebody who comes out absolutely destroying opponents like Vitor did. However, the facts are the facts and he has been given plenty of opportunities against top competition. Despite the expectations and hype, he didn't defeat any of them.

Your thoughts on my thoghts?
3/10/07 9:32:40PM
the loss of his sister really messed him up. he hasn't been the same since then, he has joined a new camp so maybe that will do him some good. i miss the ol' vitor.
3/11/07 12:14:42AM
I see him like BJ Penn in that he could/shoulda/woulda been so much more than he is given the talent he has.

I agree with fedorwins1 about his sister messing him up.
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