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1/14/08 9:44:31AM
Soy protein and soy in general have been mainstays of "health food" stores and advocates for years. Yet IMO the food goes against the basic health food tenets in that it tends to be highly processed and hormonal (just estrogenic vs. testosterone tainted like beef). I get asked about my diet on a semi-regular basis by friends and family members and I usually steer them clear of soy in favor of fish/poultry or whey if they do not eat meat for ethical reasons. But I'm not sure sure if this is an overreaction. I'm sure soy isn't the perfect food source, but is it better than most? Do you avoid it in your own diet?

I've seen quite a few articles on-line. I'm more interested in what people's personal perceptions are.
1/14/08 9:51:53AM
A nice soy isolate would be the only thing id reccomend if someone was die hard against whey or animal protein. The soy isolate has "no" estrogenic qualtities. So they say. But if a dude wants to lift or get fit, I always steer them away from soy in all cases. My mom takes Soy isoflavins for menopause. Enough said lol. And almost every menopause formula has soy extracts of some kind in it, so Im with u man. men+soy=bad
1/14/08 2:13:19PM
What do you think about soy for (non-athletic) women?
1/14/08 3:05:39PM

Posted by fullerene

What do you think about soy for (non-athletic) women?

The benefits of soy for any woman athletic or not are beneficial. Menopause or not. Soy just promotes healthy estrogen activity, nothing extreme either way.
1/14/08 9:53:49PM
Actuallly it is the unprocessed (rather unfermented) soy that has phyto-estrogens. Things like soy milk and tofu are not great for men or young girls to have a lot of. The intake of this level of proto-estrogens is not healthy at all. Soy doesn't support healthy estrogen activity. When girls are having their period when they are 10 years old (because they are being fed copius amounts of soy milk), I do not consider that healthy. High amounts of unfermented soy also has nutrient blocking compounds that are not healthy.

Soy products like miso, tempeh, and natto do not contain phyto-estrogens.

Soy protein isolate is ideal for people that are really lactose intollerant. I tried it once and it just upset my stomach.

I eat soy beans on occasion and tofu here and there, but it's not a staple in my diet.

Flax seeds also have phyto estrogens, but have other nutrients as well.

All in all it is great to have these things in moderation, but I wouldn't base a diet on them.