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3/21/07 3:38:24PM
rampage doesnt need tune up fights, he needs to actually show the american fans hes a decent fighter. A below par win over below par competition, imo isnt enough to get a title shot. I no this fight was a cert soon as he put pen to paper, but still id rather see him work his way up against some of the top 205 guys before getting a shot at chuck. If hed preformed like he did against eastman against sombody who could throw bomb like lambert, it could of been an interesting fight.
3/27/07 12:58:53PM

Posted by greeneyebandit

There is definetly more to this than just putting the two in an octagon together. The promoter controls the fights the fighters just this case Dana. I think some good points were made...One yeah Rampage is in it for the money they all are...but more importantly why not build a fan base with the UFC before just jumping in the ring with only makes sense...with that being said my wager is on Rampage when they fight

I'm with you on that one. Especially with the odds being lopsided in favor of chuck
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