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7/16/07 5:04:17PM
Just curious to see what all you fight fans think of the man they call "J-Lau"? Personally, I think he is alot of fun to watch and he has that obvious 'switch' that few fighters trully have. I just read that he is gonna head out to Hawaii now to possibly start training full-time. What do you guys think?
7/16/07 5:07:13PM
Internet Warriors rule. I don't really like him, specifically because he has an annoying nickname. But, he's a decent fighter..he might even be the best to come out of TUF 5. I know he lost very close to the end, but he's tough, and he's gonna be around for a while. I think he's better then Nate Diaz, but then again I hate Nate Diaz.
7/16/07 5:17:28PM
Joe Lauzon is the Future of 155
7/16/07 6:26:08PM
I was so upset he lost on tuf I really like him and his style if he is going to be with bj full time look out he will be on top quick.
7/16/07 6:30:31PM
I think he can do very well in 155 but won't ever be champ. If he wants to be champ he should prob go to 145 because he is very small for 155 (muscle wise)
7/16/07 6:55:31PM
I think that show did more for Joe than anyone else in that house. Really like his quiet but intense personality, some reason it just rubs people right. As a fighter he's very fun to watch, and if he's working with BJ he can only go up from here.
7/16/07 9:15:48PM
Lauzon is going to be one of the best prospects in lw, guaranteed.
7/17/07 3:43:15AM
I think he is a dope fighter that has a HUGE upside. However he seriously lacks on strength. He need to improve a great deal in that area to compete at the elite level, but I believe he has the talent, and the right people around him to get there in the years to come. Lets not forget how young he is, and how much the sport is growing around him. By the time Lauzon hits his prime he will be a seasoned veteran, and ready to take over the top ranks of the sport. I'm excited to see what he's all about when Penn gets finished with him, and in the years to come.
7/17/07 4:04:15PM
I think he is by far the most talented lad from TUF5, he will go further than Nate or Manny. He has awesome intensity, which is something you cant train into a fighter, he has an innate ability to just turn it on and start kicking ass.
7/17/07 4:07:22PM
The only bad thing is that awful nickname, but he's started calling himself Baby Joe Lauzon on MySpace as a tribute to BJ.

Barring some freak injury, he (and his brother Dan) will be around for a long time.
7/17/07 4:12:35PM
perhaps lauzon's abilities are held in that magical set of giant ears???

j-lo... the butt
j-lau... the ears
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