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1/27/09 2:38:16AM
Fedor proves once again he is the best HW on the planet in MMA, and there really isn't anyone right now who is a threat to beat him. If you look at his body of work he has beaten top competition time and time again (Big Nog, Cro Cop, Sylvia, and Arlovski).
Does Barnett have the skill set to challenge Fedor anywhere the fight goes? I don't think he does. Barnett is a game opponent, but the skill level between Fedor and the rest of the top 5 fighter in the weight class is bigger than in any weight class.
Can Vitor Belfort establish himself as an elite Middleweight? 2 fights in he looks good. He is focused, and appears to be in the right state of mind, and in great shape. Middleweight looks to be a fit for him at this point in his career. He is fairly young for someone with this much experience, which makes him dangerous.
Nobody should be called Baby Fedor.

Just some of my thoughts after watching Affliction. I would like to hear others as well. Thank you in advance for any and all replies.
1/27/09 2:47:06AM
also, sokoudjou needs to fight some non top 10 lhws.
tito needs to stick to fighting, and not commentating.
little nog could probably match up with any fighter at LHW
1/27/09 2:56:54AM
Youre right. Baby Fedor is a bust as is Sokoudjou. At least for the time being. he was brought up totally wrong. Fedor is amazing. Tito is an ass. All of these things were reletively known before the event. The biggest thing is the second coming of Vitor. I would love to see what comes of him in the next year. Seems like his head is back in the game and his motivation is back. Got to love him.
1/27/09 9:31:54AM
I wouldnt exactly say that Baby Fedor is a bust. He was 5-2 and fought a guy like Paul and showed that he will not easily be hurt. I think in the long run taking fights like this will ultimately help him. It will be the team that struggles against the top competition all year then runs the table during march.
1/27/09 9:40:31AM
Baby Fedor was kinda fed to the wolves, plus he's still young. The Headhunter isn't like top 20 but he's still no joke. He can get a lot better and has potential in the 205 but not HW.

Soko on the other hand was just a flash in the pan, and the Babalu fight proved that he wasn't the grappler killer that we thought he was
1/27/09 10:20:02AM
imo fedor got lucky with that punch, AA was doing great, his hands were great,fedor was gettin hit a lot but AA came in with his hands down
1/27/09 12:24:28PM
Tito defenitly needs to stay off the Mic he was garbage
Also thought Babalu looked great showed that Soko was over rated
1/27/09 1:11:27PM

Posted by loonytnt

imo fedor got lucky with that punch, AA was doing great, his hands were great,fedor was gettin hit a lot but AA came in with his hands down

Watch the fight again and then watch Fedor's post fight interview. He doesn't have a mark on him(Fedor marks up easily) and not many strikes land flush, and Fedor controlled the clinch and stuffed the only take down, as well as throwing nice knees, fight was even IMO and AA got put down with a perfectly timed punch right on the chin...As a fighter you should know thats the counter for that knee.
1/27/09 1:54:53PM
I thought all in all this was a pretty nice card. Fedor was great as always and AA looked good right up until he got dropped. I was very impressed With Belfort taking down Lindland and I think he might be in for some big things at 185. Also the the prelims on HDNet were great.....very entertaining from top to bottom I would say. I was however a little disappointed that Barnett could not finish Yvel...even though he dominated.

Now the questions is can Affliction keep going? My personal opinion is they need to develop another weight class other then HW as far as talent goes. I also think they probably need to bring their fighter salaries in line with revenues/profits to last along side UFC.
1/27/09 3:20:27PM
I'd like to see Bobby Green improve is aim a bit, then see him fight again. He was wild.
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