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12/14/07 8:26:16PM
IFL Grand Prix Bracket

Seriously, this is insane. Horodecki alone has had his title fight go from Fabiano, to Lierley, to Gunderson, to Brenneman, to Schultz, and only one of the 5 tourneys has gone off without a hitch (so far)

I'm noticing two things about this.

"Injured" fighters as for this writing:

Shad Lierley
John Gunderson
Charlie Brennaman
Pat Healy
Mark Miller
Brad Blackburn
Andre Gusmao
Jamal Patterson
Reese Andy

Breaking or not renewing contracts:

Antonio McKee
Ben Rothwell
Mike Whitehead

There is no way all those guys could possibly injure themselves in the course of three months, especially when they were injury free up until they were given the fights, and it doesn't bode well for the company that three of their better guys upped and left.

Everyone knows that IFL is in trouble financially, but I think this shows the end might be closer than everyone thinks.

I'm willing to bet the guys who have all come down with a case of broken toes, fingers, hands, faces, etc are stalling because they all have one fight left on their contracts, and they're hoping to have their contract bought out by whoever ends up holding the pieces of IFL. It seems like some of Prides less than fantastic fighters shoehorned themselves into UFC in a similar fashion, and it wouldn't serve any of those guys to fight for a belt that will end up on ebay within the next few months, especially when you risk entering the free market on a loss in a defuct company.

I really hope IFL can hold itself together, as I really enjoy their fights and the energy of the team aspect, but this isn't looking good at all.
12/14/07 8:30:29PM
i completely agree, this organizations future is in major trouble, and im guessing it wont be around much longer with the amount of fighters leaving.
12/14/07 8:44:58PM
yea i knew it was coming, i dont think it will last much longer or at least it seems like it.....i think its the team concept...imagine if you win your fight, but than your team doesnt do as well and its counted as a loss for your team, so it kind of takes the joy of winning away if your whole team doesnt titles or anything other than the GP.....

but i wouldnt mind seeing chris horodecki in the ufc...and there are a couple of guys who have some talent...but i dont see any of them as champ material in the UFC, and least for now.....i think if the IFL does go down, M-1 will probably take most of its fighters..
12/15/07 12:08:09AM
You bring up a good argument Svartorm. I also enjoy watching the IFL, I like the team aspect as well. Unfortunately, the IFL is headed for disaster as mentioned. If it does go down and it more than likely will, I would like to see Radach return to the UFC.
12/15/07 2:03:52AM
I want to know why Devidas Taurosevicious isn't fighting Chris, He beat two game opponents in a row in the IFL, Savant Young and he finish Bartimus. I really hate seeing this happen because the IFL is some good stuff.
12/15/07 3:19:27AM
The state of the IFL is definitely in question. Like I've said before, I am one of the few fans that has supported the IFL from the beginning and through thick and thin, but I just can't back them anymore. I hate to say that I am giving up, but there are very few fighters in this organization that I would now watch. The only fight for the GP Finals that I am even a little interested in is the Heleno/Hieron fight (which should be good). They need that fight to make a some headlines, because they won't have any if it doesn't.
12/15/07 5:32:53PM
Things don't look good for the organization. It just shows how silly it is to bash the UFC or Dana White for doing things to make money when so many other leages--WFA, Pride, IFL--have disappeared because they didn't handle the business end well enough, despite being supposedly more fighter friendly.
12/17/07 3:03:18PM
As a big IFL supporter, I think they still have some life.

The new CEO seems to be all about turning things around, and i think he mentioned that it will be camp vs. camp for 2008 (ex: Gracie JJ vs. MFS), not team vs. team.

As for the fighters, Rothwell leaving sucks, but at the same time he was one of the only exciting heavyweights. It was a very thin division and not very exciting (a lot of fat guys). The addition of the 145 pound division should create more exciting fights.

TV is looking a little better as HDNet is going to broadcast the GP live, and I'm assuming they might be able to broadcast every event live, which would be pretty cool. Hopefully we will get some web streams for those of us that don't get HDNet. Screw Time Warner for trying to make me pay an extra $15 a month for the package it is on.

If all else fails....the financial's say they still have some money to get through the 3rd quarter or something like that. If it doesn't go well, I'm not sure what exactly would happen.

I guess we will all see, maybe the announcements for the 2008 will spark some new life into the company.
12/18/07 8:37:05AM
They signed a deal with HBO (HBO Latino, I think) to broadcast fights in 2008. I would think that HBO took a look at their books and talked to management and/or the board before signing that deal, so hopefully they'll have at least another year to turn things around.
12/18/07 6:32:07PM
It might be me.. But i'm waiting for BodogFight, or ProElite to grab this one up as well. I swear.. They need to get Elite XC, Strikeforce, Cage Rage, IFL, ICON Sport, and anything else they can get their hands on and just combine them all into one organization.. That way.. You have someone to compete with the UFC again, and then networks will go out there and do their best to buy up tv deals with other organizations like HDNet, K-1, M-1, and small organizations..

If this doesn't happen, then I see the IFL just grabbing up guys from smaller organizations, and putting them into fights with whichever of their original fighters needs opponents, until everyone can heal and get back to where they were.. What the IFL needs to do though is sign all these guys to exclusive deals like the UFC/WEC do.. You want to make sure your guys don't get injured? Don't let them fight for every freaking show out there.. The fact that Tim Kennedy a guy who just appeared on the HDNet broadcast of a rival organization is one of your fighters and is appearing on your Grand Prix Final card doesn't help.. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Kennedy was suspended for a period of time, and won't be able to make the IFL Grand Prix Final card.. Letting them go wherever they want is what's hurting the IFL..
12/18/07 6:47:07PM

Posted by ohiostate1016

The state of the IFL is definitely in question. Like I've said before, I am one of the few fans that has supported the IFL from the beginning and through thick and thin, but I just can't back them anymore.

well now is the thin time, so if you are a fan through and through they need you now most
12/18/07 6:47:10PM
They're supposed to have some kind of big news conference tomorrow to talk future plans. I think this right now sounds more like a "rumors of our death have been greatly oxerexaggerated" scenario, it sounds worse than it actually is.
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