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POLL: Who wins and how?
Hardy by dec 20% (7)
Hardy by KO 17% (6)
Hardy by sub 3% (1)
Rumble by dec 11% (4)
Rumble by KO 46% (16)
Rumble by sub 3% (1)
3/2/11 11:59:34PM
Just wondering who you guys think will win. Most people I've talked to think Johnson's gonna get the KO easy, but I think Hardy will frustrate him and take a hard-fought decision. Then again, if you can't tell from my avatar, I might be a bit biased.
3/3/11 12:03:33AM
The quicker guy is going to win. Not faster, but quicker.

3/3/11 12:09:30AM
The stronger wrestler is going to win. Johnson doesnt like to get hit and once Hardy hits him once, Johnson is going to go for the takedown's and win a decision.
3/3/11 12:39:50AM
Hardy by UD.
3/3/11 12:44:00AM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

Hardy by UD.

I actually took him by split dec in my picks. Not usually a good idea, but im feelin it for some reason.
3/3/11 1:09:43AM
Rumble by KO via being the more powerful, quicker and faster striker... and better wrestling.
3/3/11 8:17:02AM
Johnson. Not sure how yet though
3/3/11 10:12:06AM
Johnson by TKO/KO. I think he's just a bit quicker, and has the ability to keep it on the feet (not that Hardy will want to take it to the mat anyway.) He has the KO power to put Hardy down, and the speed to get to Hardy before Hardy gets to him.

Either way, this should be an awesome standup war, and i am really looking forward to it.
3/3/11 10:12:34AM
hard pick
A lot of assumptions

Will the long layoff hurt and give aj some cage rust

How will hardy come back from a devasting ko??

Will the weight loss affect AJ. Will he make weight

With hardy back against the wall. Will he come with a plan or come in wanting the knockout out

I have it pegged already for fight of the night
3/3/11 11:24:00AM
After seeing Hardy get Ko'd by Condit, Im inclined to think Rumble can do the same.
3/3/11 12:22:01PM
Hardy to pick him apart.
3/3/11 1:03:14PM
Really close fight I can see this one going the distance!!!!!
3/3/11 1:14:35PM
The way I see it..

Johnson won't make weight.. They will ask Hardy if he still wants to fight or call it off, and Hardy will say to go ahead with the fight, which will be a huge mistake, and when I say huge I mean literally.. Come fight time Johnson will tower over Hardy, and end up knocking him out cold..

3/3/11 1:17:25PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

The stronger wrestler is going to win. Johnson doesnt like to get hit and once Hardy hits him once, Johnson is going to go for the takedown's and win a decision.

It's not that he doesn't like getting hit, it's that he fears the eye poke, which seems to happen almost every fight. He walked right through some solid punches from Koscheck, and was beating the sh*t out of him on the feet until the eye pokes came along.
3/7/11 10:38:14PM
Rumble is just too big for Hardy. I think Hardy will start off aggressive and start winning only to be caught by a big punch from Johnson. After that it'll be all Rumble.
3/10/11 11:11:29AM

Posted by gartface

Hardy to pick him apart.

Yeah, something like that....

I prefer Johnson over Hardy from a fan's standpoint, but I do think Hardy is the more polished striker currently.
I would like to see Johnson get the win but I'm thinking Hardy will (T)KO Johnson.

I sure hope Johnson proves me wrong....
3/12/11 11:16:57PM
Hopefully Hardy wins so he can fight Kos next, and lose
3/13/11 8:57:24PM
Rumble by KO

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