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12/29/08 8:25:48PM
i dont think he should be getting as much shit as he has been getting for letting the fights go on too long. i think a referee has to call a fight according to each person that is fighting. i think he let the Griffin fight go longer becuase he and many others knows that Forrest can take some punishment and still recover where some fighters take one good punch and they are done, and the ref knows that.
i dont know if that made sense but thats how i feel.
any thoughts?
12/29/08 8:34:27PM
I said it before, with all the fighters bitching, the refs will let it go longer and people will get hurt....Now they'll bitch about that, people just like to bitch.
12/30/08 12:27:08AM

Posted by cmill21

I said it before, with all the fighters bitching, the refs will let it go longer and people will get hurt....Now they'll bitch about that, people just like to bitch.

ppl need a reason to bitch imo i agree that the refs know the rep of the fighters and cadge that in there descion.
12/30/08 10:25:39AM
The crazy part is Al Turk suffered a broken eye socket, broken jaw and 2 broken cheek bones from Kongo. So I can't see that one as a bad early stoppage.

The Mazz has made some questionable calls in the past but a refs job is very tough. They see more than we can.
12/30/08 10:33:23AM
was Mazzagatti also the ref who called the Anthony Johnson eye poke a tko?
12/30/08 11:47:23AM
While I do think the GnP went way too long, its like others said above, people bitch when the fights stopped premature, people bitch about it going too long. Listen, no ones perfect, if anyone thinks, including dana white, that they can do a better job, they should step up and become a ref.
12/30/08 1:08:37PM
to me it doesn't matter which way it goes..if the ref let it go on to're gonna hear all week.."man that match should of been stop long time ago"..but it the ref stops it's gonna be "man so and so could of gotta out of that..he wasn't doin any damage to so and so" guess what stop the bitchin..and Dana NEEDS to stop his bitchin and cryin..Mazzagatti,Herb Dean,Big John are probably the best ref in the sport..tell me i'm wrong on that...
12/30/08 6:22:25PM
I didnt think the stoppages were that bad. Al turk was Cage Rage champ and a very tough guy. And we all know that Forrest can take a beating. "the stach" shouldn't be getting all this flak but it will pass.
12/30/08 6:31:21PM
The ref's are human. Nuff said.

Least he's doing a better job that MArrigliotta, or Yamasaki.

And fighters get reps, the fights that were stopped due to GNP were all dude's known for toughness. Al Turk was a champ known for being tough, Forrest is known for weathering storms and still fighting on, and Big Nog... well this is a man who's never been stopped. And that why he was knocked down 3 times, and the fight went on, becuase the refs known who these guys are.

I wasn't sure about Mazz's point deduction on Brock vs Mir, but thats history, and if thats the worst thing he does as a ref, then he's doing alright.
12/31/08 2:31:56AM
imo mazz has more controversial calls than any other ref
the recent fiasco with kongo
the "worst call ever" with the aj eye poke
the point deduction on lesnar v mir
the crotch shot on tyson griffin (v edgar) where he made griffin keep fighting instead of giving him his by the rules time out
i know the job is hard but so is being an mma fighter
with mazzagati's record he should be downgraded to prelim fights or the wec like they would with any of the fighter's on their roster
12/31/08 10:58:51AM
The 'eye poke' was honestly the single worst call I have ever seen. I cannot forgive Mazzagatti for that.
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