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1/15/13 4:40:04PM
Apparently Mr. Bicycle Boy confessed to Ms. Oprah yesterday.....what are the greatest site in teh history of Chaelkind's thoughts on this?

It is to my understanding that Lance needs to pedal his Schwin over to Jim Rome and give a heart-felt apology to Mr. Chael P. next.....
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1/15/13 4:52:55PM
It was the worst kept secret in cycling, and I'm glad it's finally out there. From a lot of the things I've heard, doping is pretty common among high level cyclists, so I guess he thought he was keeping up with the Joneses, even though he was basically Mr. Jones. He's been stripped of the titles, he came clean, and he's done a lot through his charity, so I'm fine with just letting the guy fade into obscurity.
1/15/13 5:00:53PM
I could care less

I think Oprah should talk to MMA fighters, who talk so much crap about their opponents, and when they lose, why they continue to talk crap, To me that would be more interesting!
1/15/13 5:26:09PM
cycling is gay
1/15/13 5:50:31PM
No one cared about cycling until a doper made himself into a legend.

He paved the way for others to make more money. I dont care that he doped.
1/15/13 6:09:02PM
i think the bigger story is trying to out the people behind the huge dope industry in the cycling world. from what i hear it's way to common. any sport that lets athletes get blood transfusions between races definitely isnt watching the athletes close enough. lance shamed himself, his family, and his sport, he confessed and they took everything he won away. let the guy move on.
1/15/13 8:44:38PM
As Fleek would say...."meh"
1/15/13 8:48:33PM
I had a strong feeling years ago Lance was doping. Not a big surprise.
1/15/13 10:49:51PM

Posted by BeeR

cycling is gay

Pretty disrespectful, bro. That sport takes just as much as, if not more, endurance and heart than most other sports.
1/15/13 10:58:51PM
I think him apologizing to another caught doper is pointless...goodbye to his fame, he still has the money.
1/15/13 11:02:42PM

Posted by prophecy033

As Fleek would say...."meh"

1/15/13 11:18:05PM
the International Olympic Committee is debating removing Cycling from the games all together thanks to the rampant doping, and the sport's marquee poster boy turning out to be a fraud.

That would be a pretty big punishment to the rest of the cycling community and an overreaction in my opinion.

Following their logic the 100M should have been pulled from the games in the late 80's.

1/15/13 11:56:01PM
when I was younger, I actually sat and watched an entire stage on occasion just because of Lance Armstrong. Throughout the years I never believed he was doping until a few years ago I became a little more skeptical (this was also around the time when I started listening to sports radio frequently and reading various sports sites). Now I am indifferent on it as the vast majority of the top cyclists in the world have doped. If you look at the top 10 for every year Lance won, I wouldn't be surprised if 6 of them had been caught at one point or another.

I don't disagree that his titles should be stripped (just like Barry Bonds' home run records should be abolished) as cheaters should be punished as such. I just shake my head and sort of feel sorry for him as he was held to such a high standard at one point, labelled as a true role model and inspiration by fans and the media, and then almost right after he retired he gets slammed and thrown under the bus for the last half decade.

I guess I can respect the fact he finally came clean, although I don't know why he waited this long and had his name and reputation tarnished, but at this point in time I can't say I care anymore...I'm just glad this is over
1/16/13 6:02:19AM
If marion jones went to jail, then i wonder what will happen to lance armstrong ?? Imagine all the people that have invested in him and his name, sure there will be countless law suits to come after he comes clean with all this.

Kind of feel sorry for the guy aswell...his reputation is tarnished for life now.
1/16/13 6:06:18AM

Posted by DeadHead988

Posted by BeeR

cycling is gay

Pretty disrespectful, bro. That sport takes just as much as, if not more, endurance and heart than most other sports.

thats great, you but you misinterpreted what I said, I never said they weren't great athletes, I said its gay
gymnasts are spectacular possibly the greatest athletes as well, but gymnastics is still gay
1/16/13 6:08:57AM
I feel for him but only because he can't compete anymore. Doping or not I know he loved the sport of cycling .

However on the same token you can't do something like he did and expect to NOT get caught. The only way to not get caught is to have only yourself in the know. Which is impossible without killing someone

Well there is other ways but a trail would be left nonetheless
1/16/13 9:06:02AM
I'm surprised he had the "ball" to admit it.
1/16/13 9:23:34AM
wow you guys are way to soft for me i mean this guy is grade a scum imo. He cheated to become the greatest cyclist of all time forever ruining the sport and whats worse is he was an ispiration to millions but hes a scam artist. I think people forget that when he started livestrong and pretended to be a hero he knew he wasnt and now that he is foced to come clean the charity is screwed.

and as for people sayin oh well at least he came clean he didnt real do it to be a good guy....he has to the world knows its his only option

what a stand up guy

he even said i was on my death bed i would never risk putting that in my body. he is a con artist who used his staus as a cheater to open a charity.....and some how became 100 million dollers richer what a douche
1/16/13 10:19:31AM

In the end, Armstrong did far more good for the world – particularly in the cancer wards where inspiration is so desperately needed – than bad. He rides a bicycle. He didn't kill anyone.

He did, however, try to destroy some people – their finances, their businesses, their reputations, their names. These are the victims of Lance Armstrong, and the only hope is that Winfrey didn't just let Lance brush aside the truly aggrieved parties or the obvious questions.

Armstrong isn't necessarily a bad guy for doping. He is a bad guy for the way he used his immense power, fame and fortune to attempt to ruin anyone who dared to speak the truth to his avalanche of lies.

That was some punk behavior.

So here are some of the questions we hope Oprah asked Lance:

This really goes into why Lance is a bad guy. His PED use IMO put him on a level playing ground. I heard a bunch of the titles he won are not going to anyone as almost everyone in the the top 10 finishers was also caught doping.

1/16/13 1:43:01PM
Well I was going to pursue this, in that my advisor told me in the past that the first chemo drug to pass the blood brain barrier was pioneered in part due to Lance's funding. It looks like cisplatin can be used which has been around forever and I can't find any evidence suggesting that they did in fact pioneer such a drug. I may ask the medonc, but it looks more like this is not true. He has done quite a bit for cancer and that should overshadow what he did with doping, and depending on how you feel, the way he did in a plethora of people who bad mouthed him. I do question if he caused his own cancer himself, as it seems that he was on the juice for some time before developing cancer, and you never really know what those hormonal cancers will do.

People who think he still has his millions are wrong. Once it is confirmed a cheat, those who were sued by him in the past for libel will come looking for him, and even the feds will as well.
1/16/13 1:58:15PM
This is a like a Martin Luther King situations. Yes, they're unethical cheaters, but they both did more good than harm, so they get a pass.

The big question for me is if he actually says "I took PED's". If he openly admits to it, he can be sued into an early grave, but if he sticks with the "I'm sorry for what I did." without actual admission, he can probably skate with his millions.
1/16/13 10:28:59PM
Glad he finally confessed. Wonder if they strip the records away. Floyd Landis will surely put his two cents into this