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3/8/09 12:57:37AM
Rampage/Jardine - I was actually very impressed with Keith Jardine. In my opinion, he did the right thing. Coming at Jackson, not giving him time to prepare. Jardine was in and out. I actually saw it as Jardine winning, he controlled the tempo of the fight, also landed more strikes. But after debating with my company, I saw that Rampage landed more effective strikes. And I suppose he pulled it off. And what's this about Jardine's suspect chin? Haha. he certainly surprised me.

Evans vs Rampage will be such an exciting fight! I am extremely excited, as are most of you I can assume. See how Jardine controlled the fight tonight against Rampage, I'll say Rashad will win. One of my other friends tonight agreed with me in saying that Evans is likely going to become one of the sports biggest stars!

Carwin/Gonzaga - Well first off, I am so impressed with Carwins power. He weathered a pretty big storm from Gabe, and pulled out a flush punch to the jaw. I will say that I don't think Carwin is going to be bouncing to a top contendership quite yet. He did give away alot of shots, didn't exactly use technique, more so just power. From the bits that I've seen of him, I'll say that at this point he isn't ready to defeat any real top competition at HW.

Other fights. I am really really impressed with Matt Hammill! I think he may be ready for some upper competition. I am a little dissapointed with Jason Day, but that's okay. He lost a fair fight. Maynard looked amazing! He is ready for some really tough guys! Since he beat Edgar, I've been thinking he'll be a contender soon. And he showed some strong stand-up tonight. Pete Sell cracked me up. Too bad I scored that fight wrong.
3/8/09 1:35:22AM
WOW UFC 98 may have the most trash talking ever after tonight

Carwin- looked like he might get a rude awakening after GG rocked him but that was some power

Also Comcast better cut me a deal for not showing the first fight do to "Technical Problems"
3/8/09 10:24:51AM
Overall I thought the fights were excellent

Rampage vs. Jardine was a war, every time somebody says keith has a glass jaw he goes out and takes a pounding and looks like he has a granite chin. Rampage looked very good again and he has awesome power, but i think he might have some trouble with rashad.

Carwin vs. Gonzaga, I am devastated about that fight. Gonzaga is one of my faves and me got sloppy and paid for it. Carwin is an animal and I can't wait to see him again, and it was most impressive that he overcame a big flurry from gonzaga, who looked to me like he got a little too comfortable with his standup, which is sloppy. To me Gonzaga just hasn't brought his game to that next level, he has massive up side with a couple of holes (sloppy standup, gas tank) which he has yet to prove that he has fixed, it's back to the drawing board for Gabe, he needs a change in camp imo.

Brown vs. Sell, Brown is a tough guy and Sell proves one again he has a glass jaw, even at 170. Impressive win for Brown though, he is a very solid fighter.

Hammil vs. Munoz- Big win for Hammil even though he should have mauled Munoz like that, hopefully a step up in competition is in store for Hammil.

Maynard vs. Miller, Grey is a machine and he better be getting a big name in the lightweight division next, whoever he fights he will gave a load of trouble too.

Kendall and the Barn Cat both looked great, big win for Grove, hopefully he can build some more momentum becuase he has the tools to be a good fighter.
3/8/09 11:32:48AM
i personally loved the card going into 96 a lot of people didnt like it but i thought it was solid, and the fights were really good.

Carwin......as i have stated the man is a beast he is an up and commer i wouldnt be suprised to see him fighting Brock for the title by next year. That punch was vicious it looked like he broke Gonzaga's neck woooow...

Kendall sweeeet KO i loved that made me so happy then the tribute to Tito it was like he was saying YOU WANNA FIRE ME!!!!!!! EAT **** DANA!!!!! O AND HERE IS A TRIBUTE TO THE MAN YOU HATE!!!!!!

Hammil shouldnt have been fighting him, Munoz wrestling suppose to be good and it was NO MATCH for Ham's its time for Matt to face a top 5 guy maybe Jardine????!

3/8/09 11:45:03AM
There were so many fights last night that ended in the first round lol. That's an exciting card.
3/8/09 1:49:28PM
Great main event. I was disapointed Jackson couldnt get the KO but Jardine was a gamer, put a great fight and refused to go down.

Carwin really surprised me with that KO, he must have some serious power.

Brown has looked great lately. Definately didnt expect him to pound out sell like that. Wonder who Brown will get next.

How bout Hamill! Love this guy. People start criticizing his striking then boom big head kick. Great win for him.

Maynard won as expected, also a great fight. Hope to see both fighters back.

Pretty entertaining prelims as well, lots of KOs and tkos. Grove, Vera, McCrory all looked great.

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