I Thought USC Was Badass Before.....

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5/30/12 1:34:30PM
Apparently, and nobody seems to know how, a porn was shot at the Coliseum, during football season, on September 16th, 2001. The film, Gangbang Girls #32, was shot on taxpayer ground while nobody was in the stadium.

L.A. Times Article
5/30/12 3:01:42PM
This Is The Porn Movie Filmed at the LA Coliseum (SFW)

(From a Deadspin commenter)

"Yo, Leinart, that wasn't a hit, dude. Get up."
"Damn right Coach, your grandma hits harder than that."
"Why are you still lyi.. Are you sniffing the field?
"Don't worry about it!" [takes deep sniff]

5/30/12 3:08:15PM
The movie lacked Greenman.
5/30/12 3:31:51PM
(No USC players appear in the film; no condoms, either, so Trojans seem to be absent from the production.)