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3/21/08 3:03:42AM
If you werent trained in any martial art and you could only pick 2 to learn and fight with, what would you pick ? i personally would go with muay thai and bjj cause i love striking and not much is better than seeing an unsuspecting victim get armbarredor choked!
3/21/08 3:24:27AM
for general self defense purposes or MMA purposes?

for MMA:
Muay Thai

for self defense:
Krav Maga

sambo is a military art founded by the USSR and is very effective for both self defense and MMA purposes. it is the best single art to incorporate both striking and submissions as well as incorporate good take downs and transitions. the way Combat Sambo is done is very similar to that of MMA. Just look at how well Fedor transitioned into MMA from Sambo, as well as Aleks, AA, Megumi Fiji, Kharitonov and Oleg. i think that it is better then JJ for MMA purposes and is the best art to for a well rounded game. Muay Thai strikers have also done very well in MMA and from personal experience the striking transfers very easily. the 8 point striking of Muay Thai makes it very effective and resourceful and is imo the best art for striking. There are a lot of notable Muay Thai fighters in fact too many to name even half. just for reference, Anderson Silva, Shogun, Wandy, Thiago Alves and Kenny Florian have all used Muay Thai effectively in MMA.

I already explained Sambo but Krav Maga is just vicious. look --->Here<--- and see for yourself
3/21/08 3:43:44AM
Id have to say Muay Thai and BJJ also
3/21/08 6:31:16AM

Muay Thai and BJJ - its not original but it seems to be the best combination right now.

For self defense - Muay Thai and Judo.
3/21/08 5:17:29PM
Sambo is a hybrid martial art so hells yeah, and being a powerhouse wrestler on top of that would be a damn near unbeatable combo. Just don't make me fight Chuck.

I disagree with the vale tudo classic Muay Thai BJJ combo because of the bad history of wrestlers dominating them.

Anderson silva's a freak, he doesn't count.
3/21/08 6:30:38PM
wrestling and BJJ.

so that I have a good base, and can dominate the ground game...and keep position.

I would have to pickup standup a sI go I guess...or just eat a few shots and get the takedown...
3/21/08 6:32:13PM
Sambo and kickboxing for me.
3/21/08 7:08:32PM
3/21/08 8:42:46PM
Boxing and Jui-Jitsu. I could KO them or make them look bad on the feet, until they took me down and then I could submit them
3/21/08 8:46:00PM
theres an anti-style for every style

so id take

Wing Chun Kung fu and Shaolin Long FIst Kung fu... so at least id look really really cool
3/22/08 12:45:01AM
For MMA its no choice but Mui Tai and BJJ
but for self defense i would go with Krav Maga and BJJ I love that Krav Maga is suited towards multi oppenent scenarios
3/22/08 9:09:43PM
I would go ahead with Kickboxing and Wrestling.
3/23/08 9:28:15PM
Thug Jitsu and Jo Son Doe
3/23/08 10:39:04PM
Boxing and Wrestling.
3/25/08 5:30:03AM
Sambo and Muay Thai
Muay Thai and Krav Maga
3/25/08 7:03:31PM
muay thai + BJJ
3/25/08 9:13:45PM
If you're talking about self defense, you'd be a fool to study any grappling art. Any grappling teacher will tell you, you never want to go to the ground in a street fight (too many variables) Street and ring are totally diff
3/25/08 11:46:37PM
I am strictly talking about training for mma. sorry for the confusion
3/26/08 1:09:25AM
Kickboxing and the Jits.
3/26/08 9:36:56PM
Well for MMA I'd suggest either the "normal" BJJ/MT or subbing BJJ w/ Sambo or Judo. Boxing is also great to study, but you need to augment w/ something that involves kicking/kick defense. Wrestling is also something that needs to be trained on its own at least a little.
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