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12/5/07 9:35:14PM
While watching this fight again tonight on UFC Unleashed I thought Nog looked very good. In all honesty all Herring did the hole fight was land that one would be body shot that Nog ducked into. I've heard people say he looked sluggish, but his boxing was crisp(which is what caused him to bob into the kick), his takedowns wen't without a hitch, he easily got out from underneath with his sub attempts, he didn't gas at all, he looked as cut as I've seen him(he's never been cut to shit) and I thought all in all he looked great chasing Herring around the octagon lol. He also took shin on chin and wasn't completly out and relied well on his instincts to keep himself from being pounded out. I think his biggest problem was not knowing the octagon, he had the same problems Cro Cop had against sanchez in getting to Herring but seriously I thought he looked great, technically and physically. I'm really looking foreword to seeing him and Tim battle it out.
12/5/07 9:51:28PM
But still herring should have won that fight tko all he had to do was keep punching, biggest mistake by herring.
12/5/07 10:01:32PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

But still herring should have won that fight tko all he had to do was keep punching, biggest mistake by herring.

This is easy to say when your watching the fight, we've all seen Nog hurt, and then next thing you know your Bob Sapp in the arm bar. Herring wanted to stand him up and KO him there which was probably a better bet then staying on the ground swining with Nog looking for an arm to sub you with.
12/5/07 10:26:52PM
Whoever has watching Big Nog in Pride at his best and saw that fight and still thinks he's a bad fighter need to go check there heads out. He's already submitted the guy twice. Why can't we all just give Heath Herring just alittle credit for not tapping? Why can't we give him credit on improving? Just because it was Nog's first fight in a cage and was nervous and might have been overlooking his improvement; Heath Herring learned better submission defense and did better overall, we can't give Heath just the credit he deserves and not take anything away from Nog? Nog showed great recovery after getting rocked. He is the next HW champion IMO. And will be for a long time until Randy or Fedor fights him.

Both put on a great effort. Props to Heath on the improvement and props to Nog for getting the win. Great show gentlemen
12/5/07 10:34:42PM
lol Nog beat him bad, heath got one solid kick and a few good punchs from mount, nothing to major.

Heath did show an excellent improvement in submission defence.
lol all match he was defending it seemed, Kept rolling out of those kimora's and whatever he tried to lock in. I thought nog had him beat with the rear naked choke.

I do agree however that Nog wasn't used to the cage, he wasn't using the cage when he could've.
12/5/07 11:01:02PM
I doubt Big Nog could have submitted Heath he didnt before in all the trys, and when Big Nog was rocked no way could he pull off a submission
12/5/07 11:05:47PM
Sure he could have, He wasn't K.O'd.
the reff didn't stop the fight cause Nog still had composure, if Nog wouldn't have been in shape to pull guard, the reff would have stopped it. Once Nog was in guard, damn rights he'd pull a submission off.
12/6/07 12:12:04AM
I am watching the fight for the first time right now and all i have seen so far is the first round. I have heard all this stuff about how slow and sloppy he has looked, but he just dominated the first round. He got caught with a kick at the end of the round, so what? He got a quick take down, knocked herring back with one punch, had him running at one point. And had him bleeding pretty good. I cant wait to see the next two rounds.
12/6/07 12:38:13AM
It was really not a good performance by Nog.
he did not look like at his normal fighting level and i am sure he know that very well.

A guy was telling that he was not rock at the end of the first rd ???

well, Nog himself was not remembering the rd 1and half of the rd 2 after his fight !!

but anyways, i am sure he will be completely different against Sylvia and we will see the real Nog !!

12/6/07 1:14:13AM
1. Not only did Nog look impressive in that fight, he looked dominant, something that Tim Sylvia...hasn't done in years.

2.Rodrigo beat Heath worse in that fight than he did in the first two combined, Heath had no answer for Nog's offense the entire fight, got absolutely manhandled the entire fight, and somehow didn't manage to defend hardly any of the striking attempts, not to mention how he foolish burnt up energy trying actively defend subs Nog wasn't even trying for, Heath was being toyed with and made to look a fool on the ground by a dominant fighter, period.

3. The only reason that kick knockdown happened is Antonio let it, He came in on a guy who had been running from him the entire fight, and honestly almost seemed terrified to commit to any real offense. And, as a result, he walked chin-first into a blind, eyes shut head down ohmygod I hope this hits desperation shot from Heath, and a damn hard one at that. And you know what the saddest and mos hilarious part is, he STILL couldn't do his job. Hell, he barely tried, the man was getting beat so soundly that he was too intimidated to finish a guy he had knocked senseless on the ground.

4. Look how fast Nog recovers from that kick, it lands, he goes down, and inside of three seconds he is already moving to defend and make sure he does everything he can to keep Heath from capitalizing on his one shot. In about five to seven seconds he's got control back and there is no way Heath is finishing this fight. Now get to the ten second mark you have a shaken but more or less fully recovered nog who just ate a full power kick right on the chin from a 280 pound man. And then,not only survives the round, but comes back out and continues to beat the guy's ass up and down every inch of the cage.
12/6/07 9:35:40AM
I still think that Nog should have had a different debut fight. I understand why Heath would have wanted a shot at him again, but the UFC could have given him an opponent he never faced and beat before, and maybe give him the Herring match later.
12/6/07 10:08:38AM
Good point TS. Imagine if you saw Fedor debut against Fujita, you'd figure the same thing--the next time someone will hit him with a shot like that and follow-up and finish. But we've seen those guys in a lot of fights and finishing them is a lot easier than it looks.

Nog is especially tough to finish because in addition to having a good chin and great recovery, everybody is scared to go into his guard so he can just lay there for 10 seconds or so and dare the guy to bet on him being out.
12/6/07 1:50:07PM
I think Minotauro looked old! There was no way he could pass off as a 31 yr old.

But in the Heath Herring fight, I was surprised how good his standup was, I know he was with Cuban boxing team or blah blah, but his clinch game, knees, etc were damn impressive.

12/6/07 3:17:00PM
first off learn how to spell his name properly (no offence man but its pretty bad). Secondly i disagree.

I think both nog and herring looked like crap. Both looked slow,tired......just out of shape. If nog fights like that for a title against anyone good he's going to get murdered.
12/6/07 3:55:03PM
That's your incredibly misguided, and laughable, opinion. We'll see what happens but history dictates that unless he's just fighting someone who is flat out better than him, the man doesn't lose. I'm just pumped to see him fighting still and can't wait to see him in with a Couture or a Gonzaga , he's going to have some killer fights here before he's gone.
12/6/07 5:19:40PM

Posted by SexPanther

first off learn how to spell his name properly (no offence man but its pretty bad). Secondly i disagree.

I think both nog and herring looked like crap. Both looked slow,tired......just out of shape. If nog fights like that for a title against anyone good he's going to get murdered.

Thanks for the spell check. I totally disagree with you.
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