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1/18/08 8:42:34AM

Posted by Rush

Posted by StevenSeagal

If all can agree that a solid core and base is important in MMA, please tell me 3 other main exercises that can build it better and faster besides Deads, squats, and bench??? Id love to hear this one.

With respect to building a mobile and strong core, which I feel is more crucial for MMA than just being strong. I recommend:

Kettlebell swings
Swiss ball calisthenics (i.e. doing plyo pushups off a swiss ball)

Is a swiss ball just a medicine ball?
1/18/08 9:17:53AM
To finally end this longgg drawn out thread:

If u think u can get the same core strength alone from what Rush says, thats fine. Do what you want. Im not nor did I ever say those types of exercises didnt work or have a place.

IMO they would be great to ADD to deads, squats, and bench type exercises, rather than simply substituting them in replace for squats, deads, and bench. This again was alllll geared towards a newbie that has little core base.

So all in all, If ur new to MMA and want strength and wanna use just body weight and plyo stuff go ahead.

From my BJJ instructor Roberto Marques and every other grappler I've rolled with whether it be in NAGA or Grappler's Quest ALL started out building their core with the exercises I've mentioned, as well as plyo and other forms Rush mentioned. Im saying deads, squats, and bench DEF have a place in MMA.
1/18/08 11:30:14AM

Posted by fedorwins1

Is a swiss ball just a medicine ball?

No, Swiss balls (aka Yoga/Pilates ball) are those large soft balls that you can do a number of workouts from.

They are great for stability. If you have access to one, just put your feet on it and do regular push-ups. In addition to the incline making it more difficult, you need to use your core to stabilize the ball to prevent it from rolling.

Another tough one is to try and stand on the Swiss ball.

I have attached a couple pictures. I use a bigger ball and my toes are on the ball and not my insteps and shins. That makes it more difficult.

Another fun Swiss ball workout for scrambling is going into the push up position and using your upper body to rotate your body (like the arm of a clock) around the ball. You need lots of space for this.
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1/18/08 2:04:31PM
Lifting weights, doing body exercises. They'll help alot however, youll need to keep in mind that flexibility is also very important. Mix it up and have a large advantage. In my opinion atleast.
1/21/08 1:35:56AM
I say strength is an important element in fighting and can many times negate your opponents better technique. Of course if you want to be a mixed martial artist you should train mixed martial arts and stretch and be flexible but lifting weights is a great and proven way to get stronger.

Every elite athlete lifts weights.... that should pretty much sum it up.

I see people trying to avoid weight lifting (or plyo for that matter) as an excuse for training less.
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