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6/28/08 3:26:32AM
I picked this fight wrong... but that doesn't matter, it was a great fight.

In my mind it played out very similar to Sherk/Penn, where the fighter with good wrestling and conditioning was beaten by the better striker.

Credit to Melendez for a great effort, but this was Thomson's fight.... definitely made up for the 25 minute Southworth snoozefest. In the words of Bas "he kicked his butt."

Sooo.... how far does Gilbert fall in your lightweight rankings?
6/28/08 4:37:34AM
I had Thomson on all the websites I am registered under, and then mob mentality got the best of me and I switched. The whole time though I was cheering for Thomson because I personally don't like Melendez..

As for rankings.. I say he drops from #2191818 on my list to #2191819.. Not that big a drop really. Yes, there really are two million plus lightweights out there.. Don't doubt it, just play along..
6/28/08 8:51:27AM
Gilbert Melendez vs Josh Thomson - Strikeforce 10 - Full Fight Video - up over at MMA BloodBath - :D

HDNet FIGHTS presents Strikeforce 10 - The Strikeforce Lightweight Championship Title Fight - Strikeforce Champion, Gilbert “El Nino” Melendez (14-1) vs challenger, Josh “The Punk” Thomson (14-2). Awesome fight... Enjoy! :)

And more of the fights from the Strikeforce 10 event:

Billy Evangelista vs Nam Phan - Strikeforce 10 - Full Fight Video

Jeremiah Metcalf vs Raymond Daniels - Strikeforce 10 - Full Fight Video
6/28/08 10:37:48AM
i thought melendez looked flat he just couldnt mount an offense, on the flip side thompson found his groove and looked very good the whole fight. i picked wrong to. i had melendez by decision. i knew it was going to be a tough fight but i saw gilbert squeezing out the decision. i was suprised, not that thompson won, but that he dominated as much as he did.

btw, i didnt think the southworth fight was that boring. i thought it was a decent grappling match they stayed fairly active.
6/28/08 3:28:37PM
Melendez looked slower than usual and not as powerful. Thompson almost looked like he already knew what the outcome was gonna be as soon as he stepped into the cage.
6/28/08 3:38:48PM
yeah, you can tell Thomson knew before he got in there that he was going to be a bad match-up for Melendez stylistically. I was surprised at how great his wrestling looked because he basically let Guida win the wrestling and Melendez really had no problem with Guida. Thomson's kicks were very accurate last night and Melendez couldn't get going and his usual relentless attack was not there last night. It all came together at the right time for The Punk last night... he looked like a top five lightweight last night.

Melendez's guard didn't look too impressive for training with Shields and The Diaz Brothers. Thomson's performance last night was one of the most impressive I have seen this year... I would have never imagined Melendez getting dominated like that.
6/28/08 4:29:10PM
I was definately surprised. I had Melendez pulling out the decision as well, and when I heard Thomson was having injury troubles, I thought El Nino was a sure bet. Good for Thomson though, it was a great fight.
6/28/08 10:42:19PM
Thompson is pretty underrated. I was not too surprised to see him beat Melendez.
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