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11/6/08 8:46:58PM
it just seems like everything i read and everything i see, everyone says that GSP is going to win, however i really think that BJ will win. i feel like i am alone on this one, am i?
11/6/08 8:58:06PM
I highly doubt it. I think he has good chance of winning. But I think it will be a close fight.

Just hit 1000 posts.
11/6/08 8:59:05PM
This thread is going to fill up with BJ nuthuggers any second...but yes you are alone.
11/6/08 9:00:03PM
I think BJ is going to win the rematch. He's more determined this time. He'll probably be able to sprawl for the most part, and pick GSP apart with his jab. If GSP takes him down, and ends up in BJ's guard, good luck to him.

Going to be an amazing fight either way, and I don't see either being able to finish each other, even in 5 rounds.
11/6/08 9:04:58PM
how sure are u? would u be willing to bet

i love bj as much as the next guy that sentence sounds funny but i digress
im a bj fan and never really liked gsp but im all in on gsp
11/6/08 9:13:34PM
first i did not intend for this to be a BJ nutthugger thread sorry if it turn into one. i guess i am just kind of looking for reasons why GSP will win? the only one i have heard is becuase GSP too athletic for BJ, but IMO sherk si pretty damn athletic and BJ found a way around that. my reason for bj is that if Gsp takes him down (even thought BJ has good take down defense) i think Bjs ground is better, his BJJ is WAY better, and from the sherk fight bjs stand up looked great. what do you think?
11/6/08 9:33:22PM
Im a BJ fan, but f i were betting my house on the fight, i would go GSP.
11/6/08 9:39:55PM
There are a lot of Bj fans on here so Im sure you have a group of believers. I am going for GSP just cause I think he improved more since they fought. Also, if GSP wins, we get to see GSP/Alves and GSP/ A Silva
11/6/08 9:42:55PM
BJ has alot better chance if he too pinches his nipples and then sacks himself for extra good luck
11/6/08 9:49:21PM
I'd give BJ a good chance in a 3 rounder, but I definitely think GSP takes a 5 round fight for sure.
11/6/08 9:50:19PM
11/6/08 10:13:55PM
I think BJ has a good chance at winning, but my money is on St. Pierre.
11/6/08 10:20:43PM
yes your the only one.
11/6/08 10:27:00PM
The BJ Penn of late, since the Pulver fight, wins this. The only prob is that I am still not sure one can bank on BJ coming in great shape.
11/6/08 10:27:32PM
This will be a close fight, but I think BJ will prevail. He will use his flexibility and leverage to pound on GSP.
11/6/08 10:38:19PM
i wouldn't be surprised if BJ took it, but im REALLY hoping that GSP pulls this one off
11/6/08 10:53:26PM
BJ Penn all the way!!!!
With that said the only reason I think most people would pick GSP is that he is more consistent than BJ Penn. There is still doubt in people's minds if BJ will show up in shape and ready to fight.
11/7/08 12:40:51AM

Posted by Wolfenstein

This thread is going to fill up with BJ nuthuggers any second...but yes you are alone.

but you beat them to it, hugging on GSP's nuts
and yes BJ will win
11/7/08 2:16:59AM
11/7/08 4:05:01AM
Bj Penn

Much Better Striking IMO, and his takedown defense is a huge factor... i dont think GSP will do anything meaningful on the ground in the first 2 rounds.

11/7/08 4:54:35AM
GSP will dominate!
11/7/08 6:16:38AM
I wish it were under different circumstances. Only because he is holding a belt. I don't like the idea of fighters having to wait for one shot every year to have a title fight in their division. I mean how many times has the guy won a belt and then walked away? It'll be a good fight though.
11/7/08 8:37:36AM

Posted by haggiswashere

GSP will dominate!

Boo generalized comments, elaborate as to how GSP will dominate. Because I honestly don't think either fighter will dominate. Either way it goes it's probably going to be 3 rounds for one guy and 2 for the other.
11/7/08 10:34:37AM
i don't care what anyone says this fight is 50/50.

11/7/08 11:01:56AM

Posted by Gipper

i don't care what anyone says this fight is 50/50.

I agree, these are two of the most well rounded guys in the world. Like I said before, I don't see either one being able to finish each other, even in a 5 round fight.
11/7/08 12:24:08PM
I'm going with GSP, for three reasons (none of which is Penn's conditioning).

First, GSP's striking is more varied than Penn's. While Penn might be the better boxer, St. Pierre is the better kick-boxer, and has the more dangerous ground n' pound. Penn did damage to GSP in the first round of their fight, but one has to acknowledge the accidental eye-poke; its effect on the fight can be debated, but I don't think you say it had none.

Second, GSP is to wrestling what Penn is to jiu-jitsu, phenomenally talented and physically gifted, capable of making top-level competitors look bad. This gives St. Pierre the edge in positioning, in takedowns, in ground n' pound, and in the likelihood of getting the Decision. BJ wasn't able to stuff GSP's takedowns in the first fight, and while his takedown defense is amazing, the question has to be whether it's better than it was in the first fight.

Third, I think GSP is more likely to take the initiative in this fight, and determine where and when this fight happens. He demonstrated this in the first fight - after losing the standup battle in the 1st round, he took it to the ground for the 2nd and 3rd - and in just about every fight since then. His first title defense against Matt Serra was the obvious exception, where he allowed his opponent to take charge and suffered for it.

All that said, both guys are among the Top 5 Pound-for-Pound. Neither has an obvious weakness, only relative strengths, and I can think of four obvious ways that BJ could win this fight. Until this fight is actually over, I don't think you can go wrong picking either of them.
11/7/08 2:00:58PM
I don't care what kind of shape or mental state Bj comes in this fight with, he isn't going to win this fight. I don't even think it's going to be close. GSP is by far the superior fighter here. The only way I see GSP loosing this is if he's caught in a sub, otherwise he controls this fight.
11/7/08 2:11:35PM
No. A lot of people think BJ will win. I did, but I've since switched to GSP. GSP probably wont be submitted and this fight probably wont even go to the ground. So I see Penn losing a five round standup war. Maybe some ground game in the later rounds.
11/7/08 3:46:27PM
BJ has grown on me after rewatching TUF 5 I know I crapped on him in the past but something tells me he'll pull a split decision victory won't be surprised if he doesn't though
11/7/08 6:52:59PM
I think the deciding factor in the fight will be GSP strength. He'll smother BJ into a GnP TKO.
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