Who thinks we shoudl have live odds?

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POLL: should we have live odds
yes keep them live till the event is locked in 40% (6)
no keep it how we have it 53% (8)
yes but lock them in a few days befor the event 7% (1)
7/11/07 11:14:38AM
I just think the sight should have live odds. Now i know what ppl are going to say it's not fair for ppl to get wagers when the odds are the best but i think they should still have it so everyone still gets the same odds but everyone has to take the odds that they close at. casue not everyone has made picks yet not even close. so we should wait and see who eeryone picks at closing of making picks. and jsut say that odds are subject to change. cause i've looked at how picks % can change from now to the event. look at the Guida fight he was at %54 yesterday and now it's at 50/50. so now how is that fair that you don't get the same odds wagering on each guy?
7/11/07 11:19:42AM
the mods do change the odds when the event comes closer....what r u talkin bout
7/11/07 11:26:30AM
realy thats good then cause i herd one of them say befor that they don't use live odds and i have never seen them chaned but i don't keep that close of a eye on them.
7/11/07 8:18:45PM
I think they should keep it the way it is.
7/11/07 8:41:08PM
i think we should go back to betting other people not just betting against the house....
7/20/07 10:57:56AM

Posted by LightsOut33093

the mods do change the odds when the event comes closer....what r u talkin bout

no they don't look at the guida fight he is at 48% but still he has worse odds then Aurelio how is that fair. we need live odds it's the only fair way of doing things.
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