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10/7/07 4:38:53PM
At the post-press conference at UFC 76, after his loss to John Fitch, Diego mentioned a little something about dropping down to lightweight. Who thinks he would be a terror in the lightweight division?
10/7/07 4:44:01PM
Dude I totaly agree , he would make a run for the title , the only person I see beating him is Bj Penn

10/7/07 4:45:21PM
BJ vs. Diego at welterweight or lightweight would be an amazing fight.

10/7/07 4:54:28PM
To an extent. When he has to take on guys like Tyson Griffin, and upwards all the way to either BJ/Sean, then that's when he'll face the toughest competition ever. If he thought Koscheck was hard, and Fitch even harder, then just wait until he gets in their fast paced world. He could surprise us though.
10/7/07 5:04:42PM
Well, sherk may not be back for some time and when he is he may look different. I do think he would do very well at LW.
10/7/07 5:05:35PM
Yea i def. think he would be in the title picture right away, he would be a beast at 55
10/7/07 7:18:31PM
theres as much if not more tougher competition at 155. he should challenge the 185 title IMO cuz the division is so weak
10/7/07 7:49:22PM
I don't see him being more then a contender in either division. He probably has a better shot at LW though. I think it would be a good decision for him to move down. There are a bunch of fights I'd like to see him in at LW, especially a re-match with Ken Flo.
10/7/07 8:04:20PM
if he went to 155class i dont think he would do bad but not make a run for the belt like nothing, he is good at 170 for speed and power, the 155class is all speed, most of the guys at 155 are as fast and faster then diego so imo go to 185 and be top 5 in the UFC at that class
10/7/07 8:39:54PM
He looks too muscular to drop down to 155, not enough body fat to cut. I don't think he would dominate penn or joe daddy though. I think sherk would have an easy time beating him though.
10/7/07 8:52:57PM
I think Diego will do good at LW, but still not championship material.
10/7/07 9:02:54PM

Posted by loller90278

theres as much if not more tougher competition at 155. he should challenge the 185 title IMO cuz the division is so weak

Are you kidding??? Tougher than St. Pierre, Hughes, Koscheck, Parisyan, Fitch...agree to disagree because I think the UFC welterweight division is one of the most stacked divisions in MMA. Plus, who would want to go to IMO anyway??
10/7/07 9:40:06PM
While I do think it would be his best move, I don't believe he would easily dominate the division. There are some really good fighters in the lightweight division.
Sherk, Hermes Franca, Tyson Griffin and Clay Guida just to name a few would give Diego some problems for sure.
He could be the lightweight champ...something he isn't going to do in the welterweight division. For sure.
10/7/07 10:35:01PM
If he can cut the weight with no problems than I say yes go for it.
10/8/07 12:24:43AM
You cant be to quick to say he would dominate just because that division is stacked but a lean Diego Sanchez is scaring competition to go against. Hes got two loses in a row and its looks like hes not going to make it farther up the WW ladder so sounds like a good plan. I would like to see him fight so many guys in the lightweight, (Ex. Tyson Griffin, Joe Stevenson, Ken Florian, Din Thomas, Roger Huerta, ect.)
10/8/07 2:29:00AM
His best bet is to move down.... but he wont dominate in my opinion. I think the lightweight division is pretty damn good. I would love to see Diego fight Huerta, Penn, Sherk, Stevenson, even Nate Diaz.
10/8/07 3:56:30AM
I dont see him with the title at 155 with PENN and SHERK at 155.

but he does make some great match ups at 155
sanchez vs guida = fight of the year material...
sanchez vs fisher
sanchez vs griffin
sanchez vs tavares
sanches vs din thomas
sanches vs ken flo 2 at 155
sanchez vs stevenson
sanches vs franca
sanchez vs TUF 5 (nate, grey, manny)

i would love to see any one of these fights

he pretty much fought everyone at 170 except for hughes and st pierre so i think he has to move down to create exciting match ups again.
2/7/08 12:09:53PM
To answer your question, yes you are the only one. Their are a lot of "nightmares" at 155.
2/7/08 12:47:55PM
penn, edgar, sherk, stevenson, huerta would all beat him, just to name UFC guys this dosnt include other LWs, diego should have taken a title shot before kos instead of saying how patient he was and then fight with staph against kos
2/7/08 7:26:25PM
He would be a beast but I still think he would be dropping down for a retarded reason, losing two straight.

Liddell loss two straight and nobody said move up or down. I just think it's retarded, that once you love, the automatic solution to your problem is dropping down. His loss to Kos was BS because he had staph and he still put up a close fight. Fitch is the next champion so theres no harm in losing. That's his first real loss IMO.

Yeah he would be a beast at 155 but he's STILL a beast at 170. He was dominating and SO CLOSE to a title shot but screwed because of TUF 4 and freakin' matt Serra. GSP vs Diego would have been SICK! But he got F'd but that stupid reality show and the staph infection which handed him his first loss.
12/19/08 9:52:02PM
Diego would be more natural at 155 should be great for him
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