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8/1/13 3:44:09AM
Just for fun sake, if the UFC had no rounds what so ever and adopted back the no round or time limit rules... i think absolutely the ruler of the lighter weight classes (LW & FW) would have to be Frankie Edgar right? Even over Aldo and Bendo just based on the fact he accelerates as a fighter and has amazing cardio over anyone in those divisons i believe. So hypothetically if he fought everyone in those divisons and they didn't stop until one man was left standing... i think edgar is the man still standing.

What about you?
8/1/13 9:43:14AM
GSP would be tough. It would suck to get peppered with that swift jab for and endless amount of time.
8/1/13 11:24:25AM
So we're assuming that Edgar is fighting with the current ruleset, no foot strikes to a downed opponent, and there is an unlimited time period.
The UFC would always have a time period with a ruleset.. or else the fight could go on for hours and the UFC normally has a time schedule to stick to.

So if we assume the UFC are saying they have a 30 minute one round rule, and if it hits the finish? How is it scored? A draw if it hits the end like Gracie/Shamrock? Or PRIDE, the judges score an overall winner?

A lot of considerations but if its a 30 minute, unified rules fight, scored as a whole fight, I think Maynard would have beaten Edgar in there first fight, and Bendo would have won theres. If we score the 25 minute fights on a whole, the only real significant things to score are Edgars face and Edgar getting dropped.

If time was unlimited yes Edgar would be the champion, if you're scoring a 1 round less than 30 minute fight, the judges would favor the guy who didn't get beaten to hell for 60 seconds.
8/1/13 4:54:23PM
I like the time limits
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