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4/3/08 5:54:46AM

Posted by WhiteWidow

Posted by NatedawgThaM

How am I a Rampage Nuthugger? If I was one don't you think I'd be wearing a Rampage avatar

Just because I think he will win a fight, does not mean I am a nuthugger. Once again READ MY POST!!! Once again you look slow because I clearly said "I wanted Wandy to win" and somehow your brain comprehended it said "I hope Jardine will win."

It wasn't a joke. It was an insult, you called me a nuthugger and made a gay joke about me being in an orgy with other Rampage fans. Sherdog is where name calling and gay jokes belong.

because of all your posts about how much you think page and jardine would stomp wandy, what does an avatar have to do with it? nice try to defend yourself there with that but still you blindly hug his nuts and call him your favorite so yeah nothing you say about predictions or outcomes can really be taken seriously, oh yeah and the orgy huddle post was a joke yuppy

Your probably going to get banned at this pace widow...
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