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3/16/13 2:14:48AM
Going to be in New York for an afternoon/night with a buddy (this coming Tuesday) driving through for a job interview.

What should we make sure to do?

So far we've only planned to visit Katz Deli & a show at the Comedy Cellar
3/16/13 1:59:19PM
3/16/13 2:01:53PM
I've been to jakewalters.
3/16/13 2:04:37PM

Posted by Kpro

I've been to jakewalters.

3/16/13 3:28:27PM
Drinking with JJ....
3/16/13 3:35:23PM
Go to all the places man vs food goes I guess. Swim in the East River?
3/16/13 4:27:33PM
look out for rat kings!

3/17/13 5:48:25PM
I may go in Nov if Ufc comes to New York
I heard its pricey as Fuck
3/19/13 3:30:20AM
So nothing PG?? Come on people I'm gonna be there in 9 hours what should my buddy and I do? We're getting into NYC around noon, and other than a 2 hour sightseeing cruise and Katz Deli, we have no plans until we go see Dave Attell at 10
3/19/13 5:50:55AM
Take your friend down into Central Park, and get on one knee. He will crap his pants, specially if he ain't as homo as me. If you went to the effort of getting cuff links just for the box as well keep wondering around the park after freaking out your friend and just propose to anybody sitting on a bench.

Let me know your friends reaction though, and do it when people are around as well so it makes it even more awkward for him!

Have a good time man
3/19/13 11:31:16AM
shrooms and then challenge a friend to a race across central park
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