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3/16/09 7:42:05PM
With UFC 101 still several months away the promotion has already started to put together some of the match-ups on the card. On Monday, confirmed that a lightweight bout between Thiago Tavares and Melvin Guillard would be added to the show.

The bout was confirmed by sources close to the fight who indicated the fight has been agreed to on the date of Aug 8 with bout agreements to follow shortly.

3/16/09 7:48:38PM
2 very talented fighters that have underachieved at times going at it here. good matchup, the loser probably is out of the ufc.
3/16/09 8:02:47PM
not just two underacheivers, two one dimensional underachievers. with that said it's a very intriguing matchup, but until melvin proves he can hang with anybody but jiu jitsu novices i can't pick him here, tavares subs him...early.
3/16/09 9:28:11PM
If Guillard has finally taken his training and his potential seriously he can be a dark horse at 155. I dont think this is a loser leaves town, who knows tho both have disappointed before. Id rather see Fisher vs Guillard and Tavares vs Uno.
3/16/09 9:55:30PM
Nighty Night Thiago.
3/16/09 9:59:08PM
I'm sure and prarying Melvin will be ready. I got him landing a huge one in the 1st and putting him down. Im a big fan but am disappointed his progress has slowed. Hopefully he's mature enough and is actually taking his job seriously now and can be a threat at 155.
3/16/09 10:05:48PM
Either Thiago by sub or Melvin by KO in round one
3/16/09 10:09:45PM
One of those either/or fights. This one will probably be a hot event. Guillard either lands a flush combo or Tavares subs him quick. Harder pick than most people think, but id go with Thiago.
3/16/09 10:12:31PM
tough fight but i think melvin might knock his head off
3/16/09 10:45:35PM
Wonder what happens first...guillard landing a big shot putting t to sleep...or t getting the takkedown and quick sub...

I am going with guillard though..if wiman can put tavares to sleep, I know guillard can.
3/16/09 11:25:23PM
Man Guillard is so young.

This is a big toss up for me. I mean Guillard could come out fast and get a quick KO, or if guillard doesnt land and tavares survives the onslaught and could get the fight to the ground and maybe work a submisson.

, Im leaning towards tavares.
3/17/09 1:26:52AM
melvin is too cocky and stubborn to think hes not good on the ground.. and he ll get submitted fast in this fight
3/17/09 1:45:05AM
Melvin is a big time athlete, it has been almost a year and a half since the submission loss to clementi which is plenty of time to work your jiu jitsu defense, obviously not to wear tavares' is but we'll see, we really didnt get to see much of melvins sub defense against siver, siver really isnt a big submission guy. but at the same time you gotta ask whens the last time tavares submitted someone...jason black and then who? really interesting matchup i will root for melvin but a betting man should take tavares
3/17/09 8:07:40PM

Posted by chickmagnet

Either Thiago by sub or Melvin by KO in round one

Agreed....but which one will it be is the only question!!!
3/17/09 11:57:06PM
I'm glad they've kept Melvin around I really hope he's taking things seriously
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