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11/10/07 1:36:17AM
Wondering what you all think and how you think this fight would go? I think it would be an all out war, Kenflo would not be able to work his elbows on the ground with Thiago the same way he does with other fighters. I have no Idea how it would end though. I say either Tavares submission or Kenflo decision...

your thoughts

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11/10/07 2:06:50AM
kenflo decision ?

11/10/07 2:09:57AM
I was going to say the same thing. I think Kenny would win by a late third round RNC.
11/10/07 8:00:28AM

I am watching TUF season 1, those elbows Kenny flows are so sharp.
11/10/07 11:03:48AM
florian here !!

but Tavares would give him trouble for sure !!

11/10/07 11:21:16AM
Good fight. This one has fireworks written all over it! Not sure who I would pick in this fight but it would probably be as exciting as the Tavares-Griffin fight. I think I would have to lean towards Kenflo on this one though in a hard fought UD. I know Kenflo is still relatively pretty young,(31) and it may sound a little weird to say but he definitely gets the nod on this one from me due to his experience factor. He has already had 8 UFC fights not counting the exhibition ones on TUF and has faired quite well with a 6-2 record. He has "big fight" experience and has been in there with some very tough competition and only Diego was able to stop him. If Sherk could not finish Kenflo in 5 rounds, I don't see Tavares doing it in 3 rounds.
11/12/07 12:09:15AM
I just think that Florian is on such a roll right now. There aren't many guys at 55 that can beat him with the roll he's on.
11/12/07 12:32:05AM
Kenflo may not be the strongest guy but he has great cardio and is technically solid at every part of his game. Really hard to beat a guy like that.