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8/17/08 3:37:29AM
Unbeaten Brazilian Thiago Silva will face fellow unbeaten countryman Lyoto Machida in a battle that may determine the UFC's next light heavyweight title contender. Silva believes that the winner deserves a shot.

“I think we both got where we are by facing great fighters," Silva told "Whoever wins our fight has all rights to fight for the title; and he has even more than me (laughs).

Silva laments having to face another Brazilian but appears confident in his preparation thus far.

“I’m ready to fight," said Silva. "My preparation is good, I’m really focused. But unfortunately I have to face another Brazilian fighter."

8/17/08 6:37:25AM
I could see that. I would like to see the winner of the fight take on Forest for the belt. Machida has fought bigger names than Silva, but both fighters have proven they are good enough for a title shot.

The only person who could claim a title shot is Rashad if he beats Chuck at UFC 88. If Chuck wins I say he needs one more fight then he should get a shot.
8/17/08 8:15:30AM
Pshhhhhhh! Machida yes, Thiago no. When chuck knocks out Rashad, I think he'll get the title shot, is it deserving? I dunno, but I think that Machida will get shafted. Machida should be next in line, but probably will have to win another 2 fights. Thiago needs to win against some big names.
8/17/08 10:58:12AM
The problem with both fighters is they need to fight better fighters. The only top ten fighter either of them have bet is Tito and he may not even be a top ten fighter. Why should either of these two jump in front of ten other guys just because they are undefeated. Being on a wining streak in the UFC expeshaly in the LHW divishon want get you a title shot you have to bet top ranked opponents and Thiago nor Machida have done this, so if they want a title shot fight a number 5,6,or even 8 ranked fighter.
8/17/08 11:55:03AM
i have to agree on this one but if machida does win he has to get his shot
8/17/08 12:48:39PM
Thiago doesn't deserve a shot yet. Too many top guys in line.

The only ppl who don't want Machida to get the shot are the ppl who don't like him, so they dont' want to see him as champ, and they know he'll win (are afraid). They're hoping someone can solve his riddle in a no1 contender match w/ Chuck or someone. But he's about to go thru the whole div. Get ready.
8/17/08 2:00:29PM
If chuck beats rashad he will get the next shot but if rashad wins, the winner of thiago/machida will get a crack at the title.
8/17/08 2:34:22PM
Only way either of these guys get the next title shot is if Chuck loses to Rashad. Not sure that Silva would even deserve one if he beats Machida. That would be the first top 10 guy that he would have beaten and to me that doesn't deserve a title shot.
8/17/08 2:37:21PM
Thiago has never faced, let alone beaten, anyone who is a top 20 LHW. i still don't get why he has this sense of entitlement when he really hasn't defeated anyone significant.
8/17/08 4:15:01PM
Well said Thiago. At first I was thinking Thiago doesn't really deserve a shot, but Machida definetely does. But then, if Thiago were able to beat Machida that would be huge. It would certainly be a bigger win than Chuck over Rashad.

I've got a lot of respect for Thiago taking on "The Dragon" because no one else wants a piece.
8/17/08 6:43:27PM

Posted by monkeybrawler

The problem with both fighters is they need to fight better fighters.

Thats right, Cote beats top of the pile fighters like jason day, alan belcher, kendal grove and Ricardo Almeida and gets a title shot against arguably the best P4P striker in the world .. Anderson silva. Machida is on a 5 fight win streak in the UFC not to mention previous victories over worthy opponents with an impressive unbeaten MMA record. Lyoto has stepped up and beaten 3 tough guys in his last 3 appearances noting .. Kazuhiro Nakamura, A very high profiled Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou and his last dominant win over ex champ Tito Ortiz. So from that evidence, Machida should be next in line for the title. Instead, chuck with his 1-2 comeback record since loosing the belt gets the first crack of redemption facing a scaled down challenge from machida in the form of rashad for his next title shot. It must be nice to be best friends with the UFC president !!! Chuck is spoon fed for the belt. Machida has dominated every opponent and still no where to be seen in the title race ... ????????????????????
8/17/08 7:33:18PM
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8/17/08 7:45:43PM

Posted by lordicast

Jujitsufreak i dont like your AV


trust me...i don't like it either...

I am the number one disciple of the Church of Aoki and i usually spread the fear of the stretchy pants...but ncordless and the MMA Army beat me in an avatar bet and i am stuck with this sad reminder...
8/17/08 8:12:47PM
Thiago dosnt deserve it even with a dominating win (which isnt happening) but the Lyoto haters would petition a Thiago title shot is he did. Lyoto needs to dominate otherwise Dana will say you werent exciting enough to get a title shot.
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