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5/5/07 1:04:10AM
Thiago Silva coming out of Chute Boxe from what I have read, watched and heard is the truth and a huge prospect for the UFC. From what people say his BJJ is sick (Black Belt) unfortunatly he hasnt used it in any of his pro fights. But the big word on Thiago is that his stand up is the deal probably the best at Chute Boxe. From what I have heard even better than Wandy's. His striking is more technical, crisper and his hand speed is like that of a WW. His Takedown defense is apprently top notch as well. The one thing I havent heard of is his chin because it really hasnt been tested yet.

The question I have is why throw a huge prospect like this under the bus with such a tough matcup with Irvin? We wouldnt see a TUF fighter fight Irvin in his UFC debut (let alone his first fight in America)? And if he lives up to the hype how long before he is making an impact in 205 or even 185 (if he can cut that much weight)? Or will he end up like many other UFC fighters who are the deal then come in and lose thier first fight (ala. Thiago Alves who in 3 years was going to be the new WW champ. They put him against an underrated at the time Fitch who beat him in the 2nd)? Im not trying to make Irvin sound like the shit but he is 1 of the UFC better gate keepers? What do you think would be a better fighth for such a prospect like this or is this good exposure for a name many fans dont know of yet?

Anyway here are Thiago record and fight results via Sherdog
Name Thiago Silva
Record 9 - 0 - 0 (Win - Loss - Draw)
Wins 7 (T)KOs (77.78%)
1 Submissions (11.11%)
1 Decisions (11.11%)
Association Chute Boxe
Weight 204lbs (93kg)

Win Tatsuya Mizuno KO (Soccer Kick) Pancrase Rising 2/28/2007 1 4:29
Win Vitor Vianna TKO Fury FC 2 - 93 KG GP 11/30/2006 1 1:50
Win Claudio Godoi KO Fury FC 2 - 93 KG GP 11/30/2006 1 2:06
Win Dino Pezao TKO SF 5 - Show Fight 5 11/9/2006 1
Win Dave Dalgliesh Submission (Ankle Lock) Fury FC 1 - Fury Fighting Championship 1 9/27/2006 1

Win Claudio Godoi Decision (Unanimous) SF 4 - Show Fight 4/6/2006 3
Win Rodrigo Gripp de Sousa TKO (Doctor Stoppage) Shooto - Brazil 9 12/3/2005 2 1:14

Win Flavio Polones KO ACC 2 - Arena Combat Cup 2 11/5/2005 1
Win Rubens Macula TKO PFC 1 - Predador FC 1 9/10/2005 2 4:17

5/5/07 8:50:19AM
this really shouldnt be a bad matchup for silva. Irvins stand up should be better....i dont believe silva has better striking than silva or anyone at chuteboxe... but irvin showed he has really no ability fighting off his back. so if this go to the ground of course it will probly be a submission win for silva, most likely triangle choke or armbar. if it is a stand up war irvin should have the advantage due to his size. i predict flying knee in silvas future. haha no not really but i think this will be a really close fight...

irvin by ko....but most likely unan decision.
5/5/07 10:37:49AM
I think his pride will keep him from taking this down, so he'll keep it standing and probably find out just how crisp Irvin's standup is.
5/5/07 12:22:17PM
thiagos the next big thing, trusttt me.
5/5/07 12:50:00PM
I think that people should stop trying to look at MMA fighting as marketing people and like WWE match-ups and stuff. My opinion is who really cares who your first fight is? Who cares if you lose your first fight against a good fighter and the fans who just want to see blood and teeth getting knocked out don't like you because 1. you lost your first fight, and 2. they don't know who you are or have seen any of your previous fights.

In the end, the best fighters (most of the time, anything can happen) will prove them selves and have the better UFC records. Just because a really good fighter loses their first fight, doesn't mean they can't win their next 5. Or 10. Or whatever.

Anyway, I just look at MMA as I want to see some damn good fights. I don't really care if one of my favorite fighters lose, as long as the fight was good. Because if you're a good fighter, you'll bounce back from losing.
5/6/07 11:05:38AM
I think the reason why Thiago is fighting Irvin is simply because it will be an entertaining stand up war. Irvin is no can getting thrown in with him to loose badly
5/7/07 8:02:01PM
Irvin wins 2nd round KO
5/7/07 9:02:42PM
sandman wins with flying knee 3 seconds into rnd 2
5/7/07 9:33:07PM

Posted by JunCTion

sandman wins with flying knee 3 seconds into rnd 2

haha... he should take a lesson from terry martin
5/7/07 9:58:05PM

Posted by mkiv9secsupra

Posted by JunCTion

sandman wins with flying knee 3 seconds into rnd 2

haha... he should take a lesson from terry martin

nice coinsidence martin and irvin being at same event
5/8/07 5:26:29PM
silva by 1st/2nd round KO.. thiago is a beast with his standup, and his JJ is off the charts.. very glad to see him in the UFC
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