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9/5/08 1:43:50PM
thats what i'm hearing (but my source is NOT credible) just wondering if anyone else heard this. Apparently some kind of back/spine issue. According to the NOT credible source he is not going to fight lyoto at 91

i REALLY REALLY hope this is not true

again just a reminder this is a question, not a statement , as my source is NOT credible
9/5/08 2:04:59PM
what's the source? if you already think the source is not credible then the rumor prolly isnt ture.
9/5/08 2:14:52PM
just READING sherdog.

i was bored
9/5/08 2:40:11PM
someone posted this on also....
This sucks!
9/5/08 2:40:18PM
read the same at mmaweekly that he is indeed out but he is still on the UFC website slated to fight. i'm guessing its true though and it pisses me off a tad
9/5/08 2:45:50PM
******* hell I'm gutted

the fight I was most looking forward to at my first UFC

typical this is

It wasn't the strongest card as it is, hope they find a more than credible opponent
9/5/08 2:48:06PM

Posted by Jlloyd

It wasn't the strongest card as it is, hope they find a more than credible opponent [/QUOTE

my thoughts exactly.......
9/5/08 4:36:18PM
I'd play injured too if I had to fight Machida.

9/5/08 5:00:04PM confirmed it
9/5/08 6:53:40PM
Shogun vs Machida?

If Rampage gets caught up n that legal shit then
Wanderlei vs Machida?

probably wont happen tho
shit id like to see a Franklin-Machida rematch if Ace wins!
9/5/08 7:25:59PM
Whens Shogun supposed to be back?

I mean is he in training now? or still recovery?
10/25/08 11:42:17PM
Shogun will be back at UFC 93 against mark coleman.
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