Where can I find Thiago Silva fight videos?

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10/21/07 7:51:35PM
Does anybody know were I can find a Thiago Silva fight video besides Youtube or Dailymotion since there all blocked were I am right now?

I just want to see his style. All his fights besides 1-2 are won by KO but I heard his BJJ is better then his stand up and I really am back and forth on who to pick between him and Houston. Could somebody give me a link to one of his fights? Past or present, don't matter...
10/21/07 7:59:23PM
10/21/07 8:11:00PM

Posted by hotrodttt


Props to you, I've never seen this site anf for the meantime its great, until Zuffa gets all anal and blocks the fights..lol
10/21/07 8:18:49PM
Yup great site, Props! Thanks!
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