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9/19/08 1:59:53PM
After the injury and the scrapped fight against Lyoto Machida, Thiago Silva now is focused on the back treatment, getting ready to go back to the octagon as faster as he can and keep the perfect 13-0 MMA history. “I’m doing the physiotherapy well to get better… I’m doing the medical treatment, following correctly, but I still don’t know when I’ll come back. Ultimate said that I won’t fight this year anymore, so I’ll probably be back in January, and I’ll be ready”, said the ATT fighter.

9/19/08 3:06:14PM
It'll be intersting to see who they match up against when he comes back, should be intersting. there are tons of choices.
9/19/08 3:49:57PM
January can't come soon enough! This is a fight I was really looking forward to. But thats a long break for Machida to wait... should be a very testing fight nevertheless.
9/19/08 11:19:03PM
I hope Machida isn't planning on waiting around for him. I know he really wants that fight but he could beat up on someone from outside the organization to keep sharp, maybe earn a knockout and fight Thiago come next year.
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