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11/6/11 1:18:12AM
I've been on Youtube, and everyones bashing Mike Dolce and his diet as well as Thiago. Saying they're not professional and he sucks at missing weight.
Mike Dolce explained that the reason he missed weight was cause of scale calibrations. Hope we don't see any of that bashing and ignorance here

Mike Dolce explains : LINK
11/6/11 2:07:30AM
i agree with dolce. if the cut was easy and he was only over a pound that aint shit. it wasnt like alvez was 4 pounds over or something
11/6/11 2:32:37AM
Rogan mentioned something about the scale being off too.
11/6/11 5:46:29AM

Posted by FastKnockout

Rogan mentioned something about the scale being off too.

Didn't hear about that, but yah that makes sense why Alvez would miss it the first time. Mike Dolce knows what hes doing.
11/6/11 8:59:30AM
Funny how scale was off just for alves
11/6/11 11:31:23AM
Didn't the broadcast also say it only took him 40 minutes to cut the last pound? Who cares if a fighter misses weight the first time, as long as they get it the second go round. He still officially made weight.
11/6/11 2:18:35PM
actually the scale was indeed off they later confirmed the story. it was fixed he didnt even attempt to cut more weight they said.
11/6/11 2:24:41PM
Uh, I know that some AC's allow a fighter to weigh in a pound over. California is one of those, if England allowed him to weigh in at 171, who gives a shit.
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