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11/5/12 4:15:24PM
UFC welterweight Thiago Alves has decided to take a bit of a break from MMA. The former top contender was expected to face off with Yoshihiro Akiyama, then Siyar Bahadurzada back at UFC 149 in July but had to pull out after tearing his pec, which requited surgery. He has now put out a statement saying he won't be returning until the middle of next year (via BuddhaSport)

"Following my chest surgery, my management and myself have decided to take this year off to fix my left knee as well as all my other little injuries to come back stronger than ever in 2013 to make another run for the title and get it this time. I should be back by June 2013."

Alves (19-9) hasn't fared too well since a decision loss to UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre at UFC 100, going just 2-3 since then. His last bout was a late loss to Martin Kampmann at UFC on FX 2 in March, in a bout he was controlling until an ill-advised takedown attempt in the third round got him stuck in a guillotine. He's long been known as one of the better strikers in the division.

11/5/12 4:24:34PM
Wow, thats a long time to be on the shelf. Ring rust will effect him when he gets back. The division will be completely different by then.
11/5/12 5:19:00PM
I'm glad he has time to heal and maybe increase his technique a little. Here's to hoping we see a MW Alvez so he can lessen the strain on his body.
11/5/12 5:32:41PM
I'll miss the guy but it's worth it if there's a chance of him coming back at full health.
11/5/12 5:37:25PM
170 has too many wrestlers and not enough strikers IMO. He will be missed.
11/5/12 6:04:59PM
Always enjoy watching him fight, especially against other strikers (Siyar would have been awesome)

Hope he comes back serious, whether 185 or 170. Siyar, Hardy, E. Silva all would be fun fights
11/5/12 8:30:54PM
I think Alves should take this time off to bulk up and maybe make a run for it at 185. I personally think the cut to 170 is a bit to much on Alves' body frame. I have a feeling he would do a lot better at middle weight, could be wrong though
11/5/12 9:48:50PM
Suuucks we won't be seeing him the octagon for a while but if it means a 100% healed up pitbull I'm sure it'll be worth the wait
11/5/12 11:33:51PM
Didn't he take 2012 off??

Oooooo!!!! *Drum Roll*
11/6/12 12:41:07AM
Looking forward to seeing him come back, I've always been a fan.
11/6/12 5:43:04AM
its good and bad at the same time...yeah its positive that his body will repair and the rest he'll get, the negative - being out of the ufc for a year let alone any mma organisation is like an eternity.
11/6/12 6:22:54AM
Since his loss to GSP he hasn't been the same fighter, his TDD was slightly overated and he had a brain fart against Kampmann, he needs to take some time off and hope he gets a couple of easy welcome back fights.
11/6/12 2:46:39PM
Long time to be out
You ain't getting any younger
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