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3/24/08 12:31:46AM
On April 2nd Brazilian MMA fighter Thiago Alves will take on longtime UFC personality Karo Parisyan at the Ultimate Fight Night 13. Their fight, which will be shown on SpikeTV’s three hour broadcast live from Broomfield, Colorado, is among the dozen fights that will take place that evening.

3/24/08 12:45:07AM
good news, Alves will need it. but its still Karo all the way. unless... nop still Karo
3/24/08 2:02:09AM
Like Thiago...but love Karo...he's a warrior!! Normally a guy with mostly decisions kind of pisses me off, but Karo, Llyoto, and Yushin have kind of turned me away from this with their battles. Yushin the least, and Karo the most. If Thiago doesn't get a TKO by the beggining of the 2nd round count on a UD from Karo.
3/24/08 5:25:37AM
Nobody counters Karo's judo. Nobody

3/24/08 11:50:43AM
Judo by itself won't win him the fight. Karo will need to keep the pace up and work Alves over for 15 minutes.
3/24/08 4:04:58PM

Posted by MMAcca

Nobody counters Karo's judo. Nobody


What is Thiago's main weapon? Leg Kicks. His quickness from judo makes him pretty adept to catching kicks and downing an opponent. (Watch the Ryo Chonan fight).

Karo by 2nd round armbar.
3/25/08 1:39:33AM
Kro by an easy dec.
3/25/08 1:56:40AM
Kpro via decision.
3/25/08 2:03:54AM
Decision either way IMO
3/25/08 2:16:22AM

Posted by chubbud22

Kro by an easy dec.

Posted by Kpro

Kpro via decision.

I second this.....
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