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POLL: Who wins?
Thiago Alves 47% (16)
Martin Kampmann 53% (18)
11/23/11 2:51:21PM

A key welterweight matchup is in the works between Thiago Alves (19-8 MMA, 11-5 UFC) and Martin Kampmann (18-5 MMA, 9-4 UFC). ( has confirmed with sources close to the fighters that at least one of the fighters has agreed matchup, which is expected to take place at an as-yet-unannounced March 3 event.

The matchup was first reported by

"It was the fight I asked for, and I know UFC fans will love it," Alves told Tatame."He has just defeated Rick Story, who had beat me before, so it's a good fight for me."

"I haven't talked with UFC yet, and I don't have a date or opponent," Kampmann stated on his Twitter account. "Alves is a possibility, but so [are] a lot guys. I will let you know!"
11/23/11 2:52:42PM

Been waiting to see this fight for a long, long time! Fireworks for sure.
11/23/11 2:52:46PM
Would be a good fight and would keep with the trend of not giving Kampmann any easy fights.
11/23/11 3:00:57PM
Good scrap Ive been waiting for Joe to make this a match up!!
11/23/11 3:06:36PM
This should be a great battle. I think Alves could finally score another high light knock out, since his last one was in 08. I dont think Kampmann has the power to finish Alves.
11/23/11 3:17:02PM
I give this to Kampmann, but if Thiago playss it like Daley did he could easily win. I think the trick with ole Kampers is to rush him, get him with his back up to the cage, and just flailing wildly at him. It looked like that was what Story was trying to do early in their bout. Giving Kampers time to settle in and be patient is a recipe for failure.
11/23/11 3:18:08PM
FINALLY! Should be a fun scrap!
11/23/11 3:41:37PM
I think Alves will need to work the kicks, if Kampmann has a good size/reach adv and isn't able to get on the inside.
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11/23/11 3:44:05PM
Great fight!
11/23/11 5:08:59PM
i love this fight. it should be a great fight. not sure who to pick, but im leaning towards Alves atm. when there is no threat of a TD he is at his best.
11/23/11 6:52:32PM
Look on the bright side Martin, at least Joe Silva DIDN'T throw you another wrestler
11/23/11 7:42:59PM
I think those two are, technique-wise, the two best stand-up guys in the division. I think Kampmann's game is more well-rounded and suited to negate grappling, but i think Thiago has the better striking.

It's pretty much guaranteed to be a stand-up fight, i think Alves takes it.
11/24/11 12:43:52AM
yeah I think alves win a unanimous decision or late stoppage. Kampman just doesnt have the tools to get alves to the ground where hed have a huge advantage. Cant wait for them to bang it out!
11/24/11 1:24:33AM
I think this should be a good fight for Alves. I don't think Kampan can get him to the ground plus Alves' standup is much better. This should be a relatively easy fight for Alves.
11/24/11 1:42:02AM
I like this matchup and will be pulling for Kampmann. He is a classy dude and to say he can't finish Alves would be an absurd comment. I really like Alves too, he's a wrecking ball so hard to pick against him, but Kampmann is the more rounded fighter from heavy hands to, grappling and subs. I just hope it don't go to a decision, because he gets screwed everytime, I still am baffled by the sanchez dec and i had him in the shields fight but that was pretty close fight so hard to disagree to much with that decision. Kampmann by arm triangle just like he did mcfedries
11/24/11 7:10:57AM
I heard this may be a ufc fox 3 event

And march 3rd is arnold classic in columbus. Could be heading there
11/24/11 2:29:34PM
This is gonna be a bang-em-up fight for sure and I'm gonna love every second of it
11/25/11 1:49:10PM
I don't think Kampmann can finish Alvez. But Alvez can certainly finish Kampmann.
11/27/11 2:10:33PM
I've got to lean Alves in this one, Martin's real good but with his lack of K.O. power i don't see Alves giving him the respect not to get right on him. Also i don't think Marty can take him down, so this all lines up for a UD or K.O. victory for Alves.
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