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5/17/09 1:42:08AM
Five rounds. Twenty-five minutes. Fifteen hundred seconds. July 11, 2009, will be the meeting of destiny for Thiago Alves.

The journey won't take long; that he assures you.

Inside a steel structure at UFC 100, a sellout audience of MMA fanatics and A-listers, along with millions watching in their homes and lined four-deep at sports bars, will have their eyes fixated on a young man from Fortaleza, Brazil. Across the octagon will be Alves' opponent, Georges St Pierre, a UFC welterweight champion in the prime of his career.

5/17/09 2:01:57AM
Hardly a shock the world moment but it will for everyone else who thinks Thiago is a pushover win for GSP. Even if Thiago lost this fight it'll be entertaining as hell surprising all the haters and they'll fight again regardless of the result. GSP better start worrying about the task at hand instead of a fight with Anderson in which he has a slim chance of winning.
5/17/09 11:40:55AM
This wont shock the world if alves wins, because he has a solid chance to win.

this isnt serra vs gsp shock the world type.
5/17/09 12:05:48PM
1st - I have to say I am not a GSP fan.
2nd - Thiago does have a chance
3rd - let's see if Thiago shows up on weight, and it should be a great fight, although I will pick GSP by decision.
5/17/09 3:11:24PM
Everyone has a dream!!!!
5/17/09 3:17:01PM
He's currently a 1 to 2 underdog, so I think it's a fair assesment that it would "shock the world". Definetely Alves has a legit chance, and a well timed flying knee wouldn't exactly be out of left field, but he's definetely a big underdog.
5/17/09 6:59:40PM
this is gonna be a great fight and im a fan of both but all i want is for Alves to make 170 and stop disrespecting the weight class if he cant do it force him to go to 185 or out of the ufc
5/17/09 9:01:03PM
I cannot wait for this fight. GSP is my 2nd favorite fighter so i want him to win, but iwould not be dissapointed or shocked to see Alves win it. He has a solid chance to win. Its going to be a very entertaining fight.
5/18/09 12:55:21AM
i have never picked against gsp in any fight but come july 11th i will have to throw down some money on alves
alves is on a roll, has beaten 3 top 10 fighters in the world
he can knock gsp out, i think alves might be best striker gsp has faced besides penn
5/18/09 9:13:19AM
I agree to some point. Alves does have a "punchers chance" at beating GSP. But only a "punchers chance". To me I don't think Alves has any chance of stopping GSP's takedowns. I see GSP taking Alves down at will and breaking him on the ground. GSP wins round 3 TKO.
5/19/09 11:42:40AM
Yeah GSP lost to Hughes and Serra but Thiago lost to a lightweight in Spencer Fisher and got rolled by Fitch. I think Alves has a shot but GSP will have the best gameplan( ala Greg Jackson) and will take Alves into deep water with the 4th or 5th. GSP via tko in the 4th or triangle just like Fisher did.
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