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9/25/09 7:22:02PM
“You’re gonna see a different Pitbull. You didn’t see my wrestling and my ground game, because I didn’t have an opportunity to use it, and I feel that my career started after this last fight… I grew up a lot as a person and as a fighter, I’m recharged and I’ll get what I want, the belt. I’ll fight at December 5. I have an opponent, but I can’t say yet.”

Former number one welterweight contender Thiago Alves talks about his rebirth as a complete fighter following his five-round unanimous decision loss to 170-pound kingpin Georges St. Pierre at UFC 100

9/25/09 9:50:16PM
Koscheck or Swick?
9/25/09 11:45:43PM
have a seminar with thiago tomorrow, cant wait!
9/26/09 11:22:54AM
He'll be exactly the same fighter, but without GSP there to own him.
9/26/09 10:19:32PM
back from the seminar, maaad good. thiago is the man, runs a good seminar, if you have the chance to attend one, do so.
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