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7/1/07 4:50:09PM
Whats the latest on him? Last time I saw him, he was killin Tony DeSouza. I think he got suspended, but can anyone confirm that.
7/1/07 6:40:41PM
Ya i remember im pretty sure it was after his ufc 66 fight. I dont know how long the suspension was.
7/1/07 6:51:11PM
He took a diuretic to make weight and is suspended till January
7/1/07 6:51:18PM
wasn't it six months so he should be back in the next few months, i cant wait he's looked awesome from what i've seen
7/1/07 7:09:51PM
Alves is a beast.
7/1/07 9:00:41PM
I saw a news in a Brazillian forum that he will be back in UFC 75 or 76 agaisnt Forrest Petz.
7/1/07 10:30:05PM
That would...or at least should be a pretty good fight.
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