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7/3/07 3:48:09AM
1.Henderson vs Shogun
2.Filho vs Franklin
3.Tito vs Arona
4.A.Silva vs Lindland
5.Liddell vs Henderson
6.Wanderlei vs Couture
7.Vera vs Arlovski
8.Diaz vs F.Shamrock
9.BJ vs Karo
10.Randleman vs Ortiz
11.Babalu vs Vitor
12.Herring vs Arlovski
13.Rampage vs Sokoudjou
14.Lawler vs Baroni
15.Cabbage vs Kimo
16.Sapp vs Kimbo

just answer whichever numbers you find interesting, and yes the last two are just for fun...
7/3/07 6:24:09AM
I take is as they all would fight in the UFC with the regular 3x5 minute fights.

1. I think Shogun would win a decision. He's much bigger, he would damage Hendo inside the clinch with knees before he got taken down and while on the ground I think Shogun can scramble up pretty easily or threaten Hendo with different subs until he gets a sweep.
Hendo won't be finished though. He can take some serious punishment.

2. Honestly I think Filho would run over Franklin. He would get the takedown, work some elbows while establishing position and get the armbar. This fight wouldn't get past the first round.
7/3/07 12:08:15PM
karo vs bj wow that would be intense. I'd say karo would put the heat on bj and pull out a split decision
7/3/07 12:23:20PM
1 Shogun
2 Filho
3 Arona
4 Lindland
5 Liddell
6 Cant decide
7 Arvolski
8 Diaz
9 BJ
10 Ortiz
11 Babalu
12 Arlovski
13 Rampage
14 Lawler
15 Cabbage
16 Sapp
7/3/07 1:16:43PM
I'll take the Randleman and Ortiz fight.

I think that if Randleman go in early shots he might be able to knock Tito out but if the fight went more than one round Randleman would be in trouble simply because I think Tito would outlast him. The third round would probably be domination by Ortiz.

I could be wrong, is Randlemans stamina any better as of late?
7/3/07 2:45:29PM
those are some good dream match ups and i wonder how many will actually happen.

Arvloski would kill herring if herring puts on a show like his last fight
arona over tito by submission
lindland over a. silva by submision or ground and pound
no one can call a randleman fight he is to unpredictable
babalu over the new and crappy vitor belfort
randy over wandy by imposing his will
bj over karo bj's standup is cleaner and ground game is better

who would win out of
Randy Couture or mark coleman
two old wrestlers with well rounded skills.
i would take randy

7/3/07 2:53:14PM

Posted by veritas

1.Henderson vs Shogun
2.Filho vs Franklin
3.Tito vs Arona
4.A.Silva vs Lindland
5.Liddell vs Henderson
6.Wanderlei vs Couture
7.Vera vs Arlovski
8.Diaz vs F.Shamrock
9.BJ vs Karo
10.Randleman vs Ortiz
11.Babalu vs Vitor
12.Herring vs Arlovski
13.Rampage vs Sokoudjou
14.Lawler vs Baroni
15.Cabbage vs Kimo
16.Sapp vs Kimbo

just answer whichever numbers you find interesting, and yes the last two are just for fun...

All just opinions of course...

1. Shogun
2. Filho with easy
3. Whoever has the lowest number of excuses prepared
4. Too tough to call
5. Liddell
6. Randy
7. 50/50 coin toss
8. Shamrock, but via decision; Nick can survive almost anyone
9. BJ with easy
10. Randleman if it ends in the first 2 minutes, otherwise Tito
11. Babalu (plz don't queue the "Vitor of old" comments hehe)
12. Arlovski
13. Rampage
14. Lawler in a close one IMO
15. Cabbage
16. 50/50 coin toss
7/3/07 3:04:42PM
3. Arona by armbar

4. Lindland by UD

13. Rampage by brutal 1st round KO

14. Lawler by KO (2nd)

EDIT: I think Chuck would TKO Hendo
7/3/07 3:28:14PM

Posted by veritas
7.Vera vs Arlovski
11.Babalu vs Vitor
12.Herring vs Arlovski
16.Sapp vs Kimbo

is this a joke?...
7/3/07 4:37:12PM
no not jokes, just fantasy match ups for fun. the last few were jokes obviously, they still make you think, could cabbage KO kimo, would kimbo KO sapp, but as far as babalu vs vitor and vera vs arlovski, i dont see why you wouldn't consider those entertaining ideas. I mean sure, the idea is that Vitor is "washed up" but I think he'd put up a good fight. And Arlovski vs Vera, this would be an awesome fight. Everyone's been waiting to see what Vera can really do against a formidable opponent, and he and Arlovski would both be near title contention if Vera sticks with the UFC
7/3/07 8:35:48PM
1. UFC rules are gonna make Hendo that much better.... Hendo
2. Fihlo
3. Most boring fight in history..... Tito wins a decision cause he's on top and judges get fooled by that.
4. Real close... easier to call after Silva fights Marquardt.
5. Liddell vs. Hendo would be alot like Liddell vs. Couture... with Liddell the winner.
6. Wandy by KO
7. Arlovski
8. Diaz
9. BJ
10. Ortiz
11. I love this fight... and I think Vitor takes it with striking and sub defense
12. This fight would be perfect for Herring
13. Rampage
14. Lawler by decapitation
15. Cabbage
16. The fight starts when Sapp sucker punches Kimbo in the groin during the handshake... as the bell rings they both charge at each other... causing a rip in Time... Lesnar, Giant Silva, Akebono, Choi, Zulu, Cale Yarborough and Butterbean all fall thru said rip and the Apocolypse comes.
7/3/07 9:54:12PM
I appreciate all of your input, and its interesting to see how much variations there are on your opinions of these matches. In any case, I figure I should reply to my own post.
1.Henderson vs Shogun
I love this fight, and it will happen, who nkows how each will adapt to the octagon and ufc rules. Personally, I think Shogun has yet to be dismounted from his #1 rank. Who's gonna do it besides Henderson? HE ain't gonna fight Wanderlei... So, Shogun by KO in 3
2.Filho vs Franklin
This fight could be potentially great, but also potentially one-sided and boring. We have yet, in my opinion, to see Paulo be tested by someone of his own caliber. I think he can get Franklin to the ground and use his superior ground skills to submit him, I even think he could give A. Silva a run for his money, I see Filho vs Linland being a battle... But Filho by submission in 3
3.Tito vs Arona
I would love to see this fight because I personally loathe these fighters' personalities, It would be a trash talking like F.Shamrock/Baroni or but with better fighting. Ultimately, itd probably be a boring fight that goes to a decision...I think Tito would win by Split
4.A.Silva vs Lindland
I hate watching Lindland fight, but damn do I respect his abilities. After watching his fight with Rampage especially. I see him smothering A. Silva, avoiding Anderson's knees or eating one or two to get him to the ground, where he lays and occasionally ground n pounds for a decision victory. Lindland by unanimous
5.Liddell vs Henderson
Liddell has been exposed and the verdict is that he doesn't fare well against other strikers, i think this would be a slugfest that would end early on, and I like my chances with Hollywood, KO round 1
6.Wanderlei vs Couture
Fun to think about, never going to happen. I think if it were to go down now, Couture could devise a plan to get in and take Wanderlei down, like Henderson did, but keep it down there and either get a unanimous or a TKO in the 2nd or 3rd
7.Vera vs Arlovski
Could be fireworks, the biggest test for Vera, but I think hed be up for it. God, both extremely cut, quick, explosive fighters. Vera may cause Arlovski to keep from playing it safe, Vera's chin's yet to be truly tested, I like Vera's chances in this one, but would have a hard time betting against Arlovski...F it, I say Arlovski by KO in 2
8.Diaz vs F.Shamrock
With Diaz calling him out and them being under contract for the same organization, I think this is a matter of time before it happens. And man would be exciting, much like all Diaz scraps. Ya ya there a weight difference but I dont see it being too much of a disadvantage. I think it would start on its feet and both would like to establish dominance striking, both are good too, but Im liking Shamrocks striking after the Baroni fight, but so what, this fight is destined to end on the ground, where both are wizards, I think it'd be a chess which I see Diaz winning, too many possibilities as to how it ends
9.BJ vs Karo
We all know BJ would take this, but who cares, I still think it would make for one of the most exciting match-ups ever, with karo being the agressor as always, it would be a scramble, could end in a decision, but God Id love to see this fight just to watch BJ at his best, showing off all his assets. BJ by submission late in the game
10.Randleman vs Ortiz
This fight ain't gonna happen, and who was it that said Randleman's urine would burn through the cup (I love it! good laugh), Besides Tito never agreeing to take this fight, I think he would be scared, Randleman's too strong, it would be the most explosive first round in existence, but then Randleman would wear and Tito would pull off the decision or ground and pound him in the second
11.Babalu vs Vitor
Why does everyone count Vitor out so quickly, hes not a burn out, hed still put up a great fight, Id love to see this fight, ya I think Babalu would win via submission but it would still be a great fight
12.Herring vs Arlovski
A great match up in my opinion, everyones so disappointed with Arlovski lately he needs someone to bring it to him, and Herring could do it, and we would all see what we wan, and thats Arlovski proving himself as a contender, and he would have the opportunity to do it in convincing fashion, if his chin holds up. I think it may be a boring first roud of feeling out then bam second round they engage, and I see Arlovski KOing him late in the second
13.Rampage vs Sokoudjou
This would have been exciting, and as much as Sokoudjou is still a question mark in many areas, hes perhaps the only one in the division who is nearly as strong as Rampage. He aint dropping Rampage in a minute like little nog or Arona, Rampage's chin is like iron, and I think it would be a great opportnity to see what he's all about. I am a big Rampage fan because hes an exciting, charimatic fighter, so because Sok is still a wild card, I say Rampage takes it by TKO in a short exciting match that stays on its feet predominantly.
14.Lawler vs Baroni
Not the greatest fighters, not the most well rounded, but both can throw leather likes its nobodys business, both swing for the fences and you know this fight has a KO highlight written all over it, I see Lawler shutting Baroni's big mouth up by a vicious KO in the first. End of story
15.Cabbage vs Kimo
Not as much of a freak show as the next one, in fact Id rather see Kimbo fight Cabbage, but I could see this being entertaining. Cabbage has the stand up advantage plain and simple, but Kimo would know this and although hes not a ground wizard, he would try to take the fight there and probably wouldnt be able to do much, I see it being brought back to the feet where Cabbage kOs Kimo if Kimo isnt too much of a sissy to engage. Cabbage by KO or one boring ass decision
16.Sapp vs Kimbo
Freak Show, thats all. It would be a fun prospect if there were other legit matches on the card. Sapp is pretty much a joke, but hes fun to bring in hype, and so is Kimbo. If Sapp doesnt end it in the first couple minutes, I see Kimbo taking it to him and ending it by TKO. Could be boring as well, but what the hell, could be hilarious, a backyard brawl with two big boys, I dont even know who to pick... its like a cartoon.

I appreciate those who commented, let me know if you agree or disagree and why, some of these fights are bound to happen, some never to happen. Its just fun to entertain the possibilities either way
7/3/07 10:39:16PM
1. Shogun
2. Filho
3. Arona
4. A. Silva
5. Liddell
6. Couture
7. Arlovski
8. F. Shamrock
9. BJ Penn
10. Randleman
11. Vitor( I assume you meant Belfort)
12. Arlovski
13. Close one, I say Rampage.
14. Baroni
16 Just for the record, a ring couldn't support that much weight, and the cage isn't wide enough. And Kimbo wins.
7/4/07 4:35:58AM
1. shogun would win but it would be a good fight better then the quinton rua fight i think shogun would win by ko/tko 3rd round.
2. i think filho would win by takedown submission hes really good but franklin would put up some fight it.
3. i think tito would win because he would get the takedown and dominate from there with GnP i think decesion unanimous.
4.anderson silve 2nd round tko/ko
5. i think liddell would KO him in the 1st because they would both come out swinging and one will go down.
6. LOL funny couture 2nd round ko/tko easy GnP.
7. arlovski would win by unanimous decision he would dominate on the feet and they wouldnt go on the ground.
8.i think diaz wouls beat him by tko/ko 2nd round he would be a little cautious the first round and the explode the 2nd.
9. BJ he would take him down and beat him on the feet bj is the man so i say bj 2nd round submission.
10.ortiz would win by decision unanimous he would take him down and GnP.
11. vitor would beat him on the feet in like 25 seconds of the first round by ko/tko
12.heh arlovski would win by stand up and on the ground he would win by 2nd round tko/ko.
13. ewww idk thats a hard one but i think rampage by ko/tko in the second just because sukoudjou isnt experienced enough but later he would win easily.
14.lawler would win shamrock has slow hand speed he would get KOd in the 1st.
15.cabbage because he has more experienced and he would ko him in the 3rd.
16.kimbo never underestimate him, he would win by either submission or tko/ko in the second.

ok those are mine and can anyone message me about if royce gracie gets a loss instead of a win against his last opponent because he got tested positive for steroids?
7/4/07 5:19:59AM

Posted by veritas

1.Henderson vs Shogun- toss up to me. Will know more after I see both in the octagon after fighting in a ring for so long
2.Filho vs Franklin- FIlho boring UD unlerss he has lerarned some good elbows. If Paulo elbows well, Filho by doctor stoppage rd. 3
3.Tito vs Arona-I agree with DotheMMath. Boring Tito UD
4.A.Silva vs Lindland- Lindland and Hendo's style is the antithesis of Anderson's
5.Liddell vs Henderson- Toss up. Smalller , faster , younger Randy with Iron chin
6.Wanderlei vs Couture- Couture GnP rd. 3
7.Vera vs Arlovski- Arlovski UD
8.Diaz vs F.Shamrock- Diaz UD
9.BJ vs Karo- Bj UD
10.Randleman vs Ortiz- Ortiz GnP rd. 1
11.Babalu vs Vitor- babalu rd. 3
12.Herring vs Arlovski0 Arlovski ko rd. 2
13.Rampage vs Sokoudjou- Rampage Ko rd. 2
14.Lawler vs Baroni- lawler Ko rd. 1
15.Cabbage vs Kimo - Kimo sub rd. 2
16.Sapp vs Kimbo - I have no idea

7/4/07 9:16:07AM
7/4/07 4:09:22PM
1.Henderson vs Shogun (Shogun by KO)
2.Filho vs Franklin (Tough fight, Filho by UD)
3.Tito vs Arona (Arona by KO)
4.A.Silva vs Lindland (Lindland by sub)
5.Liddell vs Henderson (Liddell by TKO)
6.Wanderlei vs Couture (Wanderlai by KO)
7.Vera vs Arlovski (Arlvoski by UD)
8.Diaz vs F.Shamrock (Diaz by KO)
9.BJ vs Karo (Karo by Split)
10.Randleman vs Ortiz (Oritz by TKO)
11.Babalu vs Vitor (Babalu by Sub)
12.Herring vs Arlovski (Arlovski by KO)
13.Rampage vs Sokoudjou (Rampage by Submission)
14.Lawler vs Baroni (Lawler by KO)
15.Cabbage vs Kimo (Cabbage by UD)
16.Sapp vs Kimbo (lol Kimbo by Heelhook! haha)
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