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2/14/08 2:40:06AM
I would just like to thank the WEC for what they are doing. I know they are a Zuffa owned brand, but they sure don't feel like it. They put on one quality show. I felt like I was watching a free pay-per-view.

They are bringing respect to the small light weights who truly deserve it.

What a quality event. Elitexc, HDNet Fights, and Bodog can learn a thing or two from them.

Anyone else agree?
2/14/08 3:33:47AM
I agree 100%. Every fight I saw was awsome. TKO's, Subs, close decisions, Upsets, Standup Wars, Ground battles, 1 successful title defense, 2 new champions, there was a bit of everything. I was really impressed with what I saw tonight. It really pissed me off hearing the Booos during the Varner/McCullough fight, I thought it was an awsome fight the whole way through. They might have just been upset the McCullough didn't bring his A game, but come on people, is it really necissary to boo these guy??? I can't believe they couldn't realize how lucky they were to see that event live. Props to the WEC for putting on a great event, keep it up.
2/14/08 5:15:37AM
I like the WEC but I think EliteXC/ShoXC also puts on a quality broadcast
2/14/08 6:32:42AM
Yeah awesome show last night, some great fights and great action, great ko for garcia and torres looked amazing
2/14/08 8:15:59AM
My old man is a boxing die hard and holds to the line that MMA is nothing more than bar-room brawling. He also refuses to acknowledge the fighters as athletes. It pisses me off to no end.

I've been trying over the course of the last two years or so to educate the man, to show him the blend of grace and ferocity in MMA, the psychology behind a fight, why fighters approach the pocket the way they do, etc.

Last night, thanks to that stellar card and even more stellar performances from the fighters, the light came on for the crusty old bastard.

He begrudgingly came over to the homestead, and after a quick MMA 101, became completely sucked into the drama of each and every fight.

This old man, who became a boxing fan during the sports heady golden years when it was about competition and not so much about money, was on the edge of his seat, screaming "ARMBAR!! ARMBAR!!! That was an armbar, right?!? Holy Sh$t!!!!", and spilling beer on my carpet.

Thanks goes to the WEC for that. And possibly even more importantly, thanks has to go to Zuffa, who have kept the organization more than just UFC-lite and imbued the organization with it's own unique flavor and feel.

Outstanding show.
2/14/08 9:39:56AM
I am really impressed by the WEC as well. Even though they are owned by Zuffa, they do put on quality broadcasts for free, as someone mentioned earlier. I just wish the UFC would do the same (which of course they won't because they make too much f**king money off us die hard fans who have and will always pay to watch the sport we love, if we have to) , because while I enjoy the WEC fights and fighters most are not at the level of top notch UFC guys. You can say what you want, but Pulver, Garcia, and many more go to the UFC loss a couple times, then go to the WEC or some other org.. Don't get me wrong the guys are quality fighters and I respect anyone who puts in the time, blood, sweat, and tears to be an mma fighter ( i know how tuff the training is I'm doing it). The UFC just needs to throw us a few more bones, but until that day comes which I doubt I will continue to enjoy the WEC, Bodog, Elite XC, K-1 and so forth great bouts for free. P.S. I'm not bashing the WEC at all and I'm not one of those guys who only watches UFC and really doesn't know any thing about the sport of MMA, I'm just telling it like it is. The UFC has the popularity and funds to bring in the best guys and that's why the have them.
2/14/08 10:51:27AM
I agree, and I'll add that the WEC seems to be following through on their promise to broadcast events more regularly.
2/14/08 10:57:52AM

Posted by Seiche

This old man, who became a boxing fan during the sports heady golden years when it was about competition and not so much about money, was on the edge of his seat, screaming "ARMBAR!! ARMBAR!!! That was an armbar, right?!? Holy Sh$t!!!!", and spilling beer on my carpet.

Outstanding show.

That's F'n great....

Absolutely great night of fights. The booing has to end. The apologizing after fights has to end too.

2/14/08 11:12:32AM
Good thread. I think the WEC is the very best show you could put on for cable TV. They have appropriate length ring entrances and fighter promos, the camera shots are always very good and I think the announcers are 1st rate as well.

I think the strategy of highlighting 1st rate fighters at lower weight classes rather than just having B level fighters at the weight classes the UFC features is showing it's merit as well. The quality of the fights is usually very good, better than you get at most of the smaller shows.
2/14/08 11:40:18AM
Yes!!!! I agree, if the TS wouldn't have started this thread I was going to start one myself. The production is top notch and they always seem to put on a great show. Jamie Varner and Garcia both had beautiful TKO's! I knew that Varner had a tough chin and could throw leather as well, I just didn't see him outstriking Razor on the feet and eventually dropping him and finishing the fight by TKO.
2/14/08 11:58:23AM
I commented earlier, but just to add. I do feel the WEC does a good job, especially being in the shadow of the UFC. I'm sure more great things are to come, Like Faber vs. Pulver.
2/14/08 6:29:54PM
The one thing about the production of the WEC is that it made you feel like you weren't watch b-class fighters. Or fighters that aren't as good as the UFC.

Of course we know that they are. But the thing that they are doing right and what is making them as popular as they are is the broadcasting of the lighterweights. Something that elitexc and bodog and so fourth should of banked on.

If Showtime was to bring in the lighter weights like the WEC did, we wouldn't be talking about Tank and Slice, but we would be droueling over Bebe and Torres on a Showtime card. But that is the way it goes. Ethier way I don't care.
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