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POLL: Which finish did you prefer
Gonzaga = Head kick 59% (16)
Hazelett = Armbar 41% (11)
6/13/09 6:41:14PM
The winners in each category were:

Best Fight

Forest Griffin v Stephen Bonnar Tuf 1 Finale


Gabe Gonzaga head kick on Mirko Filipovic


Dustin Hazelett armbar on Josh Burkeman

Out of interest which finish did people prefer out of the kick and the armbar.
6/13/09 7:56:11PM
Thanks for doing them. I enjoyed taking part.

I went with Hazelett's arm bar. I probably would have liked the headkick better, but because it was done on Crocop I still hate seeing it today
6/13/09 8:08:41PM
I enjoyed doing them. Its always interesting to see what the majority think.

3 worthy winners as well IMO.
6/14/09 1:22:28AM
They both were great. You did a fine job
I had to go with Gonzaga using Mirko's head as a soccer ball. Especially if it's true that Cro Cop is leaving the UFC for Dream
6/14/09 9:29:16AM
great job gathering the info
i had fun with the picks
6/14/09 2:07:20PM
Good job Rabi, these were fun

And the kick gets the vote for overall shockingness.
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