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8/24/11 4:24:15PM
On recieving my 100th prop, I just wanted to say a special thanks to one heck of a lot of people!

Thank you all for logging on and using some of your valuable life on the playground, whether I've been mightly confused by posts *cough* bockman *cough* or whether you've put me in hysterics.

I have recieved 8 props overal for Sports Surivior. And the most props I have held for one post was 5 for this

I now wanna try and thank you all! This is off the top of my head so I hope I wont forget anyone, the only order is the order I remember you in.

Rabi for being the man.
Emfleek for being pretty much the king of the playground for all the right reasons.
P$ for knowing so much about the sport, and for your enthusiasm everything jjeans related. I would be a nuthugger for you if I could be!
Budgell for being the easiest to contact and giving decent comments all the time
FastKnockout, for being the best news mogul ever.
Kpro for being funny as ****
Aether for your down to earth posts.
BSB for knowing everything about anything
ncordless for asking the best topics
KFM for how much you write on things. If I write a topic I get upset when you don't comment/dont leave a big reply
cowcatcher for being a less active Kpro
Theoutlaw08 for being a great sidegame player/creator!
Druidnh for the rivalry!!!
Poor_Franklin for the trivia questions which I wish you hosted another/told me which questions got used
Chael_Sonnen, for clutching on Chael's balls
hippysmacker for never wanting to reply to my suggestions...
Prophesy for never actually talking directly to me
Prozacnation as if you would read this anyway, but for your bonus' thread
Pookie, cause I sometimes mix you up with sparky
Sparky cause I miss his posts
Twenty20, cause it isnt a real thread unless he's posted on it!
KOpower, for having some of the best avatars
grappler5000 for making the best avatars, I still owe you bigtime!
Hashandy, cause im sorry about your draft
gspfan for being in the draft project!
TBC for being in the original draft project and baring with me!
KNIGHT for joining in the sport survivor!
Kingsmasher.... well... thanks for those times you viewed threads but didnt comment
Dbockman for your hilarious threads you post

If I havent mentioned you I'm sorry. But thank you all
8/24/11 4:37:58PM
Keep on rockin' in the free world bra
8/24/11 4:47:42PM
The Grappler 5000 appreciates the recognition

8/24/11 4:51:00PM
Thanks for the love!
8/24/11 4:55:20PM
Thank you too jjeans!!!!
8/24/11 5:23:51PM
Hah, No Problem.
8/24/11 5:33:58PM
8/24/11 5:58:37PM
You the man, JJeans! You are one of the best personalities on the playground, and I am sure you have many more props to come.

You deserve way more than seven props for all the seasons of sport survivor you put together. Same with the TUF side game, that's gonna be awesome! Keep it up baraddah!
8/24/11 6:50:11PM
jjeans is like my little prodigy, I used to be the king of the side games, he is slowly taking over, next world domination!
8/24/11 6:53:19PM
I'm Honored you mentioned me jjeans. I know we've never talked directly bro but I like your style anyway. I'll make more of an effort to throw words your way more often
8/24/11 9:23:50PM
Now time to get rid of that avatar.
8/24/11 10:55:11PM
Well, I usually try to save my typing hands for rare moments like this. Being relatively new to this site, I honestly did not think I would make it on anyone's recognition or thank you list. Thank you, Jjeans.

It is nice to know Playground has a clique here which binds some members together. You guys are good people and although I am not part of the family, I can definitely feel the love.

I want to tell you something Jjeans. In all of the mma forums I have been to, I thrive off of writing long and winded milestone speeches but for some reason I have not felt the urge to do so here. I attribute this to the fact many posters here do not tolerate the type of humor I so dearly enjoy. I have secreted small increments of my humor into the playground to slowly mold it into the ultimate play area. But until the transformation is complete, you will have to deal with a more serious but benign KFM.
8/24/11 11:37:10PM
Use more cuss words
8/24/11 11:40:52PM
Way to go Brother!
8/24/11 11:48:28PM

Posted by Pookie

Use more cuss words

I think I will pass. Fleek is already on to me.
8/25/11 10:32:22PM
Thanks for the mention, props well earned.
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