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3/8/10 10:29:27PM

By Thomas Gerbasi

Just a couple quick ones about Jens Pulver…

Nothing about his 22 pro wins, his reign as the first UFC lightweight champion, or his legacy as the man who put the lighter weight classes on the map here in the States; we’ll save that for later.

3/8/10 10:49:00PM
WAR Pulver
3/9/10 12:15:57AM
Classy guy, and a legend. Thank you very much Jens.
3/9/10 12:26:16AM
Thanks Jens, you are a legend.
3/9/10 7:10:52AM
Despite his recent struggles in WEC, he's the Randy Couture of Lightweights. All-around classy guy. Put him in the UFC HOF, Dana.
3/9/10 8:10:41PM
Great read. Jens is a true pro and a great person. The man went out on his shield and fought till the end. WAR PULVER
3/9/10 8:12:56PM
great thread

I thank you jens for everything you gave for us fans,
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