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4/1/09 10:09:26AM
That according to translated comments recently made by Ronaldo Souza to the TATAME website. He basically thinks that anyone who thinks they can take down and then submit Silva is completely wrong.

4/1/09 10:59:17AM
yeah, i agree....lietes has the talent and theortically sub silva....but the chances are lietes takedowns and the ways he sets them up have needed drastic improvement, so if he hasnt worked on them, then its gonna be a long night for him...or more likely a short one :)
4/1/09 11:44:37AM
Submit no, GNP possibly
4/1/09 11:56:13AM
well if he has a chance to win theoretically id say the odds are a lot better of him winning via sub than ko, although like the poster before me said GnP is possible.
4/1/09 12:56:35PM
if it were a sub, it'd have to be one of those freak ones like chonan pulled off, otherwise hes never even been deep into a sub of any sort.(except takase) a few guys have mounted him now tho, an hendo did a lilltle damage from 1/2 guard. an not the greatest take defense imo either. obviously all his other tools are great. but if there is weakness, its definetley wrestling. unfortunatley for leitas his takedowns are pretty sloppy in the past...............he'll prolly get knee'd in the grill while wading in for a sloppy double, like when marquardt spiked him on his dome.
4/1/09 4:43:04PM
Leites is gonna be a well done steak...
4/1/09 8:23:11PM
Can't be taken down and submited........unless it's all in one motion by one Ryo mutha fing Chonan!
4/2/09 4:45:35PM
i just do not see anyone in the division able to take down anderson i can see maia submitting him but getting to the ground is a whole different story
4/2/09 5:24:38PM

Posted by UFCmma666

i just do not see anyone in the division able to take down anderson i can see maia submitting him but getting to the ground is a whole different story

lutter, franklin, and henderson have already done it, the hard part isnt taking silva down, its finishing him once you get there...
4/2/09 6:02:32PM
i never saw lutter franklin or henderson submitting anderson the people i can see submitting him i cant see taking him down ........if that makes sense
4/2/09 10:58:51PM
It is very hard for a gy to get submitted while standing. Leites isn't going to do it. Maia wil have a hell of a time getting Anderson down. Because these guys have little wrestling expierience. Both guys get KOd early IMO. Nothing short of another flying kneebar/heelhook/guard pull will get Silva to the ground without getting close enough to get KTFO!!!! WAR SILVA!!! He will go down as the greatest champion in MMA HISTORY!!!!
4/2/09 11:00:50PM
what i was trying to say was people who can submit silva can not take him down and vice versa
4/3/09 6:59:12PM
I was agreeing with you. Hendo, Frankilin, bisping are better wrestlers but not near as good jits. And vise versa for Maia, Leites.
4/3/09 7:00:51PM
thank you you just said it the way i originally hoped to have said it
4/3/09 9:37:14PM
Souza is one of the best JJ fighters in MMA, so I think he would know what he's talking about, especially since he rolls with him.
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