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11/1/08 12:42:30PM
Picking up his fifth win in the UFC last weekend by submitting Drew McFedries, Thales Leites also took one step closer towards realizing his dream of becoming middleweight champion.

When original opponent Goran Reljic was forced out of the bout with Leites due to an injury, McFedries stepped in on short notice to take the fight, but the bout was moved to the preliminary card as opposed to the main card as first slotted.

Was the change a disappointment to Leites who has been battling his way towards a title shot for some time now?

β€œYes a little bit,” he admitted to following the fight. β€œBut they showed my fight anyways, that's okay.”

11/1/08 12:50:07PM
I see him fighting for the title soon maybe next year or after another win.
11/1/08 1:05:09PM
I don't think he'll ever get as title, his wins are inpressive, but put him against a Dan Henderson or a Michael Bisping and he'd lose. He'd also lose to Marquardt again IMO, I think he lost the first time even with the 2 lost points.
11/1/08 1:11:17PM
given he should have lost against nate i saw give him almeida or palhares next
or maybe chris leban
11/1/08 6:38:52PM
Yushin needs the next shot!!!!!!
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