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8/10/09 3:13:53AM
After Leites's loss to Sakara, I imagine he'll probably be cut from the UFC.
The first thing that popped into my head is how awesome it would be to see him fight jacare. This is just wanna of those grappler vs grappler matchups i'd put on my fantasy card (along with filho vs maia and roger gracie vs satoshi ishii)
8/10/09 3:47:05AM
I do not see him getting cut after that loss it was a close fight that I think he should have won.
8/10/09 4:56:16AM
2 losses in a row doesn't always get you cut from UFC, generally you also need to have a record at or below .500 in UFC. Leites probably will get one more chance.
8/10/09 5:53:28AM
grappler Vs grappler matches in mma don't always turn into ground game clinics cause they cancel each other or choose to stand eg: Aoki vs shaolin, monson vs pedapono
8/10/09 11:53:55AM
Honestly, not to be fighter bashing but this would probably be one of the most boring fights of all time.
8/11/09 1:33:42PM
Jacare would take this..the thing with Jacare is at lease he shown good stand up..the last time he went against Miller..he was takin Miller on the stand up..and Jacare ground game is just as good as Maia..Leites wouldn't have a chance against Jacare...
8/12/09 10:27:01PM
according to the fight network thales has been cut..

i hope we can see him in SF this fall
8/13/09 12:55:20PM
I think Jacare would win due to his superior no-gi BJJ skills.
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