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2/5/08 10:57:25PM
Me and a friend are thinking about travelling to Thailand to train.
If anyone has any comments or opinion on the matter, it would be great.
Also a few things I was wondering, where can I find information on the gyms to go to while we are there (our current gym might have that information)? Also, what length of time is a good amount to train in Thailand?
And if anyone knows anything about the living conditions including sleeping, eating, washing, people and places to stay, it would be good to gain some knowledge on what it is like to live there.
2/5/08 11:37:28PM
If your going to go there, make it worth while and go for 3 months at least. I would personally rather go to Holland, but Thiland is the best of the best MT training in the world. I would train with Fairtex, they have good instruction and a haaard camp but as you know they are a huge name in MT. Well acctually if I could pick any place in Thailand to train it would be the Por. Pramuk Gym, thats where Buakaw can you beat training with him?
2/5/08 11:44:17PM
I'd love to train with buakaw. I love that guy (check avatar).
I just researched the accomodations at the fairtex camp and its actually very good.. it will only cost me and a friend $100 a week for the training/room/food
2/5/08 11:52:18PM
Well I don't no much about the training part, but I can tell you eating and sleeping is very cheap. Obviously it depends on where you are, and what your budget is but the cheapest places to stay and eat are usually fine, and if you want to spend a bit more you will get what you pay for, like air conditioning, heated showers, etc. Air conditioning is nice, but you don't really need it, and once you get used to cold showers (they're more cool then cold, refreshing really) it's not a big deal at all. I barely had any in 4 months and It was actually wierd going back to hot showers. if you don't want to go south to the beaches to train, where it's really hot and humid, and you don't want to stay in Bangkok (I dout you would, but that might be where the best training is) I recommend Chang Mai. It's a few hours north of Bangkok. It's alot cleaner, and way more chill then Bangkok, I had really good times there. It's big enough that I would be suprised if you couldn't find some Muy Tai gyms. Plus it's not as hot and Humid as the southen beaches, and Bangkok, so that might be better conditions to train in. Hope this helps out some.
2/5/08 11:57:23PM
Thanks, that does bring up more thinking.

So Bangkok does have intense weather?
2/6/08 12:14:24AM

Posted by yeahfx

Thanks, that does bring up more thinking.

So Bangkok does have intense weather?

Humid. Are you going there blind or do you have MT training? If your starting there you'll be in trouble IMO, it's not like the schools here, they're a bit more intese there lol
2/6/08 12:36:36AM
i've been doing mt for 2 years at jorge gurgel's gym in canada.

I would train at least another 1/2 of a year-year before going to thailand.
2/6/08 5:42:18AM
i have nothing to add other than that it sounds like a fantastic trip. i dont know if after a few years of training you need to do something so extreme from a training perspective but immersing yourself in the culture may be so motivating that it is worth it. when i think about making this sort of trip for like bjj (im a complete novice) i always have to remind myself that there are plenty of guys who can teach me as much as i can possibly learn a lot closer. you are obviously farther along in your traing though and i dont know exactly what your motives are though.

it sounds like a very cool idea and i wish you the best of luck. lodging and food is very cheap from what i hear and the food is one of my favorite cuisines in all of the world. it is ten times spicier than the spiciest thai food you can find in america but supposed to be amazing anyways.

anyhow im jealous and keep us posted on how your trip shapes up, ill be curious to find out how much it is going to cost etc.
2/6/08 9:16:15AM
well roughly $1600 round trip and then $100 a week
so about $2800.