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3/20/08 7:35:36PM
I have a question I'm a little confused on. On, they have Serra's fight record at 16-4, and on SherDog. com, they have him at 9-4. Does the UFC count all fights from all orgs? I would just like to know. Can somebody clarify this for me how the rankings and wins and losses can be so different from each site. Thx. If someone can shed some light on it.
3/20/08 8:43:31PM
The UFC does count all fights from one fighters career no matter from what orgs, just they show in detail (agaisnt who, when, etc...) the fights that they have had in the UFC. As far as I'm concerned, there must be some mistake, either from sherdog, or UFC. I think sherdog might not have counted serra's earlier fights, or something to that effect. Never noticed that before though.
3/20/08 9:15:35PM
This has happened with several fighters and usually Sherdog has been right.
3/20/08 9:18:29PM

Posted by imanidiot777

This has happened with several fighters and usually Sherdog has been right.

Not this time though. UFC has all his bouts registered but sherdog for some reason doesn't!
It's weird because usually its the other way round!
3/21/08 10:35:04AM
I think Sherdog only counts sanctioned fights for the fight finder stats.

UFC counts all of the fights though.
3/21/08 12:04:48PM
I always wondered what was goin on. UFC has Rashad at 15-0 or something like that, and sherdog has him at 11-0.

ps. UFC doesn't count the fights on the show...
3/21/08 5:45:46PM
Burkman is 9-4 but ufc has him as 20-4

I just kind of thought that the UFC added wins whenever someone had less than ten wins. Yoou can see it alot if you pay attention.
3/21/08 5:53:05PM

Posted by gsquat
ps. UFC doesn't count the fights on the show...

No, sherdog doesn't include the fights form the show. That;s why the UFC has Rashad at 15-0, adn Matt at 16-4 or w/e. And sherdog has them lower.

But yea the UFC does like to add some extra fights in here and there.
3/21/08 6:23:13PM
this is a reason i dont like sherdog, cannot get records right, who cares if its sanctioned
3/21/08 6:26:46PM
i trust sherdog a lot more then the UFC rankings. Sherdog at least has sources for every win where the UFC does not. most of the time the UFC is missing fights so this is rare for them to have more although they have done it before as others have mentioned. i think the UFC tweaks the records of their fighters to enhance the image they want to portray them as. i'm still going to trust Sherdog because the UFC has nothing to back it's record's up besides fights in the UFC.
3/21/08 6:37:13PM
I'd take the Sherdog ranking anyday, they don't have any reason to be biased. UFC is always pumping their guys up, I remember billed Terry Martin as being something like 5' 11" and even he said in an interview that UFC deliberately lied about his height, and that he was only 5' 7" or something.
3/21/08 9:01:39PM
I looked on SherDog and I double checked on SherDog has his record 9-4 and UFC has it 16-4, but if you check, UFC has only mentioned fights added up to 9-4. Not 16-4. It sounds kinda strange to me.
3/21/08 9:26:01PM
I would trust sherdog's records. They are and have been the industry standard for bookeeping.

The Fight Finder is a beautiful thing.
3/21/08 11:16:07PM
Sherdog might not count fights that arent MMA either. IDK someof Serras wins might be strictly BBJ/submission wrestling matches. Again this is just speculation
3/22/08 1:29:30AM
Go look at Kongo's record, UFC has him at 20 wins while sherdog wikipedia and everyone else has him at 10 or 11.
3/22/08 8:14:28PM
What I would like to see is of all the fighters' records with discrepancies between Sherdog and, how many of them look like better records when listed on

I'm betting 90% or more.

If people wanted to list out the fighters and there records here that don't jive between Sherdog and, I would be happy to do the number crunching.
3/22/08 8:40:19PM
Sources like Boxrec, Sherdog and FCfighter actually only recognize or know about some of the fights that occur recorded. NHB/MMA has not always been that well organized or sanctioned and "professional fights" have occured at small venues, "underground" venues and Indian Reservations throughout the sport's history. A lot of those fights aren't going to show up on fight records and they probably shouldn't, since those sites should have some type of vetting process to ensure that results are accurate and events really occured. I know several fighters personally who have underreported records.

Sherdog and FCFighter (which has the same record for Serra, but sometimes differs from SD) are probably showing the major events for each fighter while the UFC probably asks them "what fights were you in" and goes off the word of the fighter or their trainer or promoter. I don't know which record should be seen as more legit. I'm sure there are fights missing from many of the older fighters' official records but, as several people have pointed out, it does leave the door open for exaggerating someone's record for promotional purposes.
3/23/08 4:23:41AM
its going to be 16-5 or 9-5 after UFC 83
3/23/08 5:19:00PM
Sherdog does not get it right all the time. I saw Josh Thomson fight Enoch Wilson at a the Worley casino in Idaho and the fight is not listed on Thomson's or Enoch's record.
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