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12/2/08 12:33:39PM
In the world of MMA there have been quite a few moments where you just say to yourself, What. The. F**k. You know those moments, where you see something so bizarre or outrageous that your palm creeps up to your face and you feel so embarassed for the human race that you hide your face in shame. Like the first time you saw Two Girls One Cup. Well, the Dojo loves these moments, so we have collected our top ten favorite WTF moments all in one place.
12/2/08 12:43:42PM
Eh..those could've been better. Still not bad though.
12/2/08 12:50:13PM
Never seen 2 and 3 before. 3 is weird because it just keeps looping, so I just keep watching hoping I didn't see what I thought I saw.

3 is weird because it is an awkwardly long man hug, and then Van Damme gives him this look like "Oh, my baby is growin up."
12/2/08 1:28:08PM
nate quarry makes all of the WTF and memorable moments lists.
12/2/08 1:41:09PM
I could make a list of upsets and bad decisions
Not in order

-Mirkos leg after getting KO'd
-Fedor beating Big Nog first time
-Serra beats GSP
-Crazy horse uses turnbuckle to kick his opponent (looked like WWE)
-Anthony Johnson loses to Kevin Burns due to agony in his eye after being poked there four times
-A pride fight where the two were clinching and the guy KO'd his opponent by a knee. The guy fell to the ground and his body went into shock, shutting down.
-Lyoto Machida almost lossing to Ortiz with only 12 seconds left in the fight he dominated
-King of the Cage, two guys knock each other out
-Maynard v. Emerson, both were unable to fight
-Forrest gives shoguns corner the finger after being elbowed
-A guy gets hit in the stomach and is about to fall but throws one more punch and KO;s the guy (I was glad to see they put that in the Ultimate Comebacks DVD)
-Silva dances around Franklins punches
-Kimbo loses (so good)
12/2/08 2:35:24PM
they didn't even know the ref of the double KO was Shonie Carter
12/2/08 2:50:11PM
haha! i just realized that i put three of those events in my highlight video
12/2/08 3:29:16PM
It was an okay list,but I think it could have been much better.
You could almost make a whole list with just Coleman.

Mark Coleman trips while celebrating his Grand Prix win

Mark Coleman gains victory after Shogun breaks arm

Mark Coleman gets submitted by Nobuhiko Takada

Mark Coleman gets a bad case of roid rage after loss to Fedor

After victory over Shogun,Coleman throws the referee to the side and attempts to pound away at the injured fighter.The altercation ends with Coleman stepping on top of Wanderlei Silva

Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman make a stint in Hustle Pro Wrestling

After Mark Coleman defeated Allan Goes,the BJJ fighter snaps back into conscieness,and attempts to take the the Hammer to the mat,despite having already lost the bout.

12/2/08 3:38:21PM
I can't believe they didn't have whenTim Sylvia crapped his pants(shorts) in his fight against Assuerio Silva
12/2/08 5:05:27PM
Heath Herring letting Nog up AFTER he KO'd him.....then losing

12/2/08 8:40:08PM
I thought for sure they would include Kevin Burns' victory via eye poke.

Maybe include Keith Hackney punching the crap out of Joe Son Do's balls. He's moving his hand around in side control, gives the family jewels a little jab. Then as if he just had an epiphaney (like oh yea, nut shots ae legal) he starts going to town on the groin.
12/2/08 9:38:02PM
I never saw the Quary/Maia kiss. Total repect thing. I don't think it meant to land on the lips. Also I don't think it should have been Stanes' running but Quarry's use of the "Screech Powers Total Domination" move. Better known as the SPTDM Starnes was toast after that.
12/2/08 10:41:54PM
How about Din Thomas' dance?
Click if you dare

Filho vs. Sonnen part 2
Travis Fulton vs Jeremy Bullock
The ref in UFC 1
The length of Royce vs. Saku
12/4/08 10:24:02PM
When Ken Shamrock tells Tito 'I'm going to beat you into living death"

Everyone in that room stayed quite for like 2 seconds, until Tito laughed his ass off.

That sentence should be put in a Hallmark card.
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