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6/21/08 12:12:26PM
Last week, I examined the top contenders of the UFC’s Welterweight Division. Now, let’s look at the ten highest-ranked welterweights currently competing in other MMA organizations. The first two names on this list, WEC welterweight champion Carlos Condit and his uncrowned Elite XC counterpart Jake Shields, are in a virtual tie - with Condit ahead by mere fractions of a percent due to more recent activity. Both men demonstrated the ability to perform at a very high level, and either could potentialy be ranked in the top five, however with all remaining top ten fighters locked into UFC contracts, Shields and Condit are held back by not being able to fight competitors at or above their level.

The remainder of this list is comprised of veterans who’ve been around the block many times, never quite reaching the top of their weightclass but ready to give any top contender a tough matchup. Several hold championship titles in smaller promotions, and most are familiar faces to American fans, having appeared in the UFC, IFL, and the now defunct BodogFIGHT league.

Top Ten Welterweights outside of UFC
6/21/08 1:33:25PM
Good article, Blackburn is in the UFC now so there can be one more added.
6/21/08 2:24:02PM
Yeah in the last month or two the UFC had started to add even more of the top 20 to the welterweight division with signings of Blackburn, Yoshida, Baron, and Hardy. I have to say i think the WW division is on the verge of being the new LHW.
6/21/08 3:17:59PM
Mach is way too low on that list, once he kicks the crap out of Diaz they better bump him up

I mean ya that loss to Baron was embarassing but his last loss before that was to freakin Gomi
6/21/08 4:13:30PM

Posted by xposipx

Good article, Blackburn is in the UFC now so there can be one more added.

The next one down would have been Mike Pyle (#28)
6/22/08 9:41:42PM
Dan Hardy is going to storm through the WW division, mark my words.

If Semtex was in the UFC he would p*ss all over the majority of UFC WW's, that man has some serious talent.
6/23/08 2:34:26PM
Thanks Oleg. I love your site, btw. I'm glad to see you doing more articles based on the results of your computations.
6/23/08 2:52:23PM
I think it should be Carlos Condit, Nick Thompson, then Jake Shields.
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