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11/3/08 4:42:35PM
Because sometimes you just want to turn a fool’s lights out while your buddy films it. Enjoy!

List from cagepotato, some great sucker-punch knockouts and brawls so i suggest checking it out

All videos after the jump

The video in the #2 spot has been removed, so here it is LINk

Which lol is my favorite one, "look at my face" than BAM dude from behind puts him down...not to mention that was a horrible shot, hit him with like his forearm.

And How about #3!!! Little asian woman trying to break up the fight gets sucker punched by a guy from behing, WTF!!
11/3/08 9:25:05PM
man, i hate people who sucker punch. they're such pussies that they can't hit someone when they're facing them
11/3/08 9:29:48PM
KTFOWHWB,S (Knocked the **** Out With His Wrist Broke, Son).

LOL that is how they do it at the Cater

WFT is the Carter?
11/3/08 9:36:48PM
Oh shit!

That one you had to post the link for.... i nearly jumped out of my skin when he drops that suck punch at the end! haha. Should of turned the volume down.
11/3/08 9:50:07PM
"And thats how the f*ck we do it in the carter! And ya'll n*ggers ....... Word my mother n*gga! ..... N*gga!"

(Later On)

- "Look at my face, Im gona come back to you tomorrow, come do tomorrow"

- "OH SHIT!!!!!"

- "Look at his face now!!"


11/3/08 9:58:06PM
I found this vid and its bonafide badass!
11/3/08 10:03:44PM
I hope you know its from the movie Superbad lol....funny as hell still.
11/3/08 10:08:27PM
sure do just havin some fun
11/3/08 10:09:43PM
11/3/08 10:37:27PM
Alot of those "one hitta quitta's" are sucker punches. Don't people know that makes you a bigger pussy?
11/3/08 10:38:14PM
The guy in #5 with the olive shirt is a cocksucker for sure and it kinda looked like that dude was swingin for the other guy when he knocked that chick out.

And the bboy vs the toddler was horrible. (had to watch it twice) but horrible
11/4/08 5:52:13PM
The guy in #2 got hit with a bicep
11/4/08 6:17:24PM
My two favorite KO's are:

KO 1

KO 2

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